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  1. Stock: 40b Price: 20e/b Skype: igneo2000
  2. sent you a pm with skype if you interested
  3. WTS 101 Yul trickster/100 Wynn on Core server Full exalted, 16 AP, +10/+15 skills, +15 STR/fire resist dyes, lvl 4 brooches, desire talisman, +7 paagrio shirt, bunch of immortal scrolls, 200k PA points and over 100 PA roses in inv, 300+ QHP pots, active reflect skill, active cooldown skill, and tons of other stuff not really worth mentioning. Payment via paypal or skrill. Skype: igneo2000 Will assist on account transfer for mail and phone. Adena stock: 37B ALL SOLD Price: 1b/20euro Payment via paypal, skrill or bank transfer.
  4. Added sold items and updated adena stock, send message on forum for contacts.
  5. Pending for items now. Adena stock:0b 1b - 20euro Adena stock and more items will be updated after some sales are done. Message me in forum to get skype contacts. Payment via skrill. No going first with random people without any reputation.
  6. Im willing to give those accounts cheap, got also different level iss enchanters too if interested.
  7. 1st account: 87 tyrr titan 2nd account: 85 othell fortune seeker 3rd account: 87 sigel hell knight Will trade with trusted people 1st. Payments via Skrill. Pm me in forum for which account you are interested. All accounts levelled up normal way long time ago.
  8. Looking for working bot (or if someone can make one) for farming fantasy isle coins. Server: Core Description: needs to do 2v2 matches in duel fantasy isle arena. Only one character needs to be moving, the rest can do nothing. What bot needs to do: 1. Move 4 characters to selected npc. 2. Enter arena via clicking on npc. 3. One character needs to press on 10 same boxes inside arena every 1min or so. 4. After arena ends, repeat again for N amount of times.
  9. Send me forum message because cant send you pm.
  10. I would disagree, after brooches, feohs are very weak and yuls / daggers are dominating them most of the time. Tho yes, yuls will get a boost next update.
  11. Thank you for advice, im in no rush to sell it tbh :-) Waiting for a decent buyer. Also, this kind of account i play myself is beast in oly and open pvp, dont see why ppl would prefer feohs or yuls over it :-)