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  1. Smells like fake online. First visit on website: 620 online, 3 mins later 610 online. 5 Mins later 620 online again. Lmao nice fake online counter.
  2. Hey, i noticed today that skills keep showing after reusing. The effect removes when the char logs off. This is kinda annoying and i don't even know what causes that. Anyone have an idea why this happens? And possible a fix for that ? https://gyazo.com/c6c81ee3ad8ecd36b18829cdc249ad8c Thanks in advance!
  3. Another example: https://gyazo.com/7fc9f03acc44259b50e0fb9eb420b9f2
  4. That^ Also what i find really funny is, that a lot of upcoming projects using this (3000+ Players expected, hence L2Zeus, GameOfThrones) as their main advertisement. Not to forgot with the fake users on their forums LUL.
  5. Hey, I get an error when i try to lauch gameserver.bat Anyone knows how to fix this?
  6. Good Luck @xxdem on your recruitment, hopefully you will find your individual.
  7. Hello, as written on our news section at our website we're looking for a few more Staff Members. Please, read this article attentively. Open Positions at that time Game Masters (1/2) Java Developer (1/2) What we already have Server Online on a powerful machine with DDoS Protection Website/Forums Online Server 80% done. Game Upater/Launcher, is developed on. Website - https://l2xenoth.com Discord - https://discord.gg/tvU8YdN Game Master Responsibilities Helping players at their issues, answering tickets etc. Assisting Developers at their stage of development, testing updates etc. Have a eye on cheaters, exploiters, bug users etc. Requirements You must be at least 16 Years Old. Be online for atleast 3 hours everyday. Be active at our Discord Server. You must have a fluently speaking/writing English level. Being professional. Don't be corrupt. Must have Discord installed. Speaking multiple Languages is desired but not a must. Nice to have A good amount of humor. From Europe. Having ideas, suggestions you can add to the development progress of the server. More you'll need to know at the application talk. Informations about the Developer position will be revealed when you're actually interested in that Position. Please Contact me at our Discord for further communication about this position.
  8. Hello, I bought a while back a coming soon page for my upcoming Lineage Project. I've decided to share the website with you guys because i think it's a good contribution to the community. Features: Responsive Design Bootstrap 4 Text & Countdown Variants Unique animated design Easy to use and customize Over 1000 Icon to choose by Font Awesome 5 AJAX Contact form, just use your email and it's ready to use AJAX Mailchimp newsletter intregration Preview: Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/cm7c6d8d4pd8r10/Coming_Soon_Page_-_by_Baksteen.rar/file Password: baksteen
  9. Edit: All open positions has been filled so far besides "Java Dev" and "Game Master". We could need one more Game Master at that time.
  10. I'm currently trying to add a vote system. I receive couple of errors while compiling. https://pastebin.com/7ta6CL47 What does these error means? Am I using a wrong Java Version?
  11. Lmao ur english skills
  12. Hey, as the title says I wanted to ask if there is any updated Vote Scripts for the above mentioned sites. As I recall right - L2jFrozen has a Vote Script by default for those kind of sites, but it's pretty much outdated. Does someone has an updated version of this ? Thanks in advance.
  13. Same as every top list website. It's crazy what people do for money nowadays.