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  1. You tell him that x200 is a waste of time but you suggest making it x100? Seems logically.
  2. skype: l2creme if you still need one
  3. Excellent progress on making maxcheaters better for the users browsing experience. Thanks @Designatix and the whole Staff Team to make this possible.
  4. Topic locked. If there is any more issues regarding this @Celestine should handle it.
  5. Also, your website is missing.
  6. Good Luck on finding your testers. ~baksteen
  7. Stop spamming. Use the "bump" button next time.
  8. http://prntscr.com/nrhns5 http://prntscr.com/nrho1g lol
  9. Big Yikes, this community is one big fuck fest.
  10. again reopen? lul fail server
  11. A "Your application is under investigation and will be reviewed" message would be lit as fuck tho. Now it just looks like "Oh, i don't care. We will have enough applicants, screw this pleb".
  12. Why even bother applying when the higher ups are ignoring it. Poggers.
  13. @ExTrEmEDwarf was literally best l2j dev ever
  14. I miss you aswell. By the way, i love this topic. Gave me an interesting amount of laughter.
  15. Yeah @Shizofrenic keep doing it. Fucking trash dumbass kid
  16. You reacting to a topic which is 4+ Years old? Alright buddy. You're retarded. Oh yeah, shit continues.