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  1. PathOfExile.com Delve SC Exalted Orbs - 0.59 USD and cheap! if you find cheaper I'll sell even cheaper Stock 200+ Need Orbs? Add me Fast Delivery! Skype : Mascac23 (Petro) Facebook : Facebook.com/shaporenko23
  2. I don't mind, let them earn their euros, but do not need then to control other sellers!
  3. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/210295-l2j-l2tales/?p=2612455
  4. Good idea to block all sellers of adena and sell adena. The screenshot shows whose store is, and he's spamming in the game all day using email server as a whole though is a limit of 11 posts per day. https://www.reg.ru/whois/?dname=AdenaSmurfs.com&_csrf=5e707c4ae507ad4e722d6549a064404a - AdenaSmurfs https://www.reg.ru/whois/?dname=Lineage2Tales.com&_csrf=c57937172ff6dbbb919a8b811d3c6cc7 - Tales server started 2016.12.30 data create site adenasmurfs.com 2016.12.29 for 1 day before opening server I know that the Administration on Lionna and Rise as well sell adena on t
  5. http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/178703-sell-adena-on-new-l2woaeu-1b-3-euro-gift-every-deal-best-price-trusted-seller/ O0