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  1. Good buyer, I've done many trades with him without problem, trustable 100%
  2. ADENA: Out of Stock (35€/b). Negotiable pack price. Character SOLD Items +6 PVE R99 Robe Stockings/Gloves/Shoes Longing Talisman +7 Bloody Amaranthine Retributer 2SA 300 Blessed Valakas Necklace Istina's Ring Wizard Blessed Zaken's Earring Longing Talisman Amaranthine Caster Acumen +6 Eternal Robe Set 3x120 Istina's Earring Istina's Necklace Wizard Frintezza's Soul Necklace Queen Ant's Soul Ring Talisman - Hunter Contact Information Add me on Skype (healzorcore) or leave a private message here, only serious offers. For tradable items I accept Adena or Money. For the rest, payme
  3. SOLD Hi, as the title says, I sell the following character Naked Female Dark Elf 99/99/80/76 - Main class: Yul Ghost Sentinel Passives +5 Actives +5 Duel - Dual class: Aeore Cardinal Passives +3 to +5 Some actives +3 to +5 mana consumption Items Talisman Annihilation 20 Paagrio Warm Breeze (1h) 12 Birthday Vitality Potion (1h) XP Rune 1-95 100% (7 day) XP Rune 1-95 100% (12x1h) 16 Octavis' Crystal 7 Istina's Crystal Enhanced Istina/Tauti/Octavis Bracelets Agathion XP Bottle 30-hour (20 hours left) 27,000 Olympiad Tokens 380,000 Fame Points Charac
  4. As the title says, WTB Aeore 99 in Innova Core, preferably Dark Elf. He/she must have POW, and I'd also like to have Feoh as Dualclass (no matter the level of the dual). PM me with offers.
  5. WTB 2b adena in Innova Core, 42€/b PM me
  6. Not buying anymore, thanks As the title says, Dark Elf feoh 99 with arcane power or aeore dark elf with POW.
  7. I already talked to you about that healer, but I'm not interested because of the extras that account has. Thanks for the offer anyways.
  8. Not buying anymore, thanks I'm buying an Aeore in Innova Core, lvl 97+, preferably without gear and enchanted skills, doesn't matter if he/she doesn't have dual.