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  1. Is this the same editor which shared on Russian forums?
  2. I don't recommend to use Unreal Editor because Lineage 2 developers used custom editor for making extended lights map. Generally, it's possible but will look like an a shit. Better, contact with L2 Client developers for this job.
  3. Basically, client interface don't support showing enchant level for items in multisell list. For this you need to edit interface scripts and change the style of showing the specified tooltips.
  4. As i know a message color specified in 4 bytes values (R G B and transparency) inside systemmsg-e.dat. Server side can't handle the colors except if you will change chat type of message. But it will another story.
  5. If you want change stackable type for item then you need make 2 steps: 1. Server side - setup for current item the flag is_stackable in TRUE. 2. In client inside etcitemgrp.dat change stackable column value from 0 to 1. If you need many items for changing then better write the script which will parse files and change all necessary places automatically.
  6. This message uses the string from systemmsg-e.dat. If you want to change the color the you need make custom message ID for this or change the color of current. In last case all messages where uses "player.sendMessage()" will uses this color.
  7. Still a lot of bugs. Don't recommend for usage. Better L2J Frozen 1.5 or L2JOrion. That's still the greatest packs.
  8. Mate, ask directly what you wanna get from aCis pack and we answer you it's real for 382 - 398 revisions or not. Otherwise, this is another attempt at populism.
  9. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c0dea2a907060046b98f611dfb5290c29b2b6d3837c7e0b185eada81076f7e71/detection https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/3fb9f30654d4a2504b466991b7890f5781e9661929e3d0af5fd4cc91437cd485/detection You can use or not use those files.
  10. https://www.4shared.com/rar/73hiS1Aaba/CatsGuard.html Inside client files and diff patch for L2J Frozen. All what you need is adapt HWID for your wishes.
  11. There is no port's problem. Bind port and bind address the different cases. Don't use external IPs for configure login server and check before configure the local network addresses. for usage correct machine address.
  12. CatGuard it's free for L2J Frozen and use HWID as you want.
  13. I was unable to download the package. But I see 343 lucky people who could do it. I'm voting for L2J Frozen 1.5.
  14. I said IDs. Open weapongrp.dat and find icons in icon.uts or another custom UTX pack. It's easy if you have the patch where this exists.