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  1. Just bought 3 bilions in core server. Very fast service and trust guy!! Vouch for him!!!
  2. hello i have one human tyr dreadnought 98,70% with dual iss spectral dancer 95 lvl. armor is immortal and weapon specter spear 300 ele with sa. Pm me if you interest i have ppl who can vouch for me here.
  3. Another trade with this great seller (bought 2 bil adena)! Very reliable and fast sevice
  4. second trade with imini i bought 2 bilions >>> trusted seller <<<
  5. i have a dark elf wynn summoner 95,5% + dual archer 85 lvl in naia server is transferable and no imigrate the account( you can put your infos) if you interest send me mail
  6. just bought seraph st +6 for him trusted seller. Fast and clean +++Vouch+++
  7. All itemse sold Only naked wynn 95,55%/dual yull archer for 50 euro or 2 bil in naia or 1 bil in core
  8. As title said want to sell wynn elemental summoner 90lvl with dual iss in core server--->30eur or 500mil equip: requiem thrower event + immortal heavy set i accept only midleman for the transaction maxcheaters verify member personal data is blank pm me here or add me in skype: sakisagr
  9. Trusted seller i bought for him yull archer. Trasnaction was fast and smooth! ty! ++++VOUCH+++
  10. bump up trade it with eternal light or amaranthine thrower pm me or add me in skype: sakisagr
  11. WTT the wynn gearless for 2,5 bilion adena in naia server pm or 4 bilion adena in naia server or WTS for 100 euro with the items