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  1. Discussion Project LIPO

    I'm really not into custom stuff in L2 but your project aims to become a part of and expand the original lore, good luck!
  2. Why is it packed with UPX? That takes around 5 minutes to unpack and the unpacked exe is still very hard to read in IDA (because it's written in Delphi), there's really no reason packing it :)
  3. Just add this line to l2npc.ini section [Setting]: FastEnterWorld=true Sometimes it can be too fast that l2server IO buffers run out and l2server drops connection to l2npc - in that case you can slow it down a bit by chaning MakerSleepMilliseconds in MyExt64.ini section [npcd] to some reasonable value (I use 4 milliseconds on L2 Shrine).
  4. Hmm how about this? if (talker.builder_level > 0) ...
  5. Can you be bit more specific? What server, why port forwarding (it’s behind NAT?) etc
  6. Hi, no, because it would make no sense to make the protection opensource - there would be bypass for it within few days. There’s a simple plugin system allowing anyone to write their own private protection and integrate it to server via dll.
  7. d3ddrv.dll isn't driver, it's just rendering interface for Unreal Engine (it can also render via opengl or software renderer if I remember correctly, but NCsoft used only Direct3D interface)
  8. Yes, but don't forget to run both server and client without cliext protection enabled. As for malformed crests it's not so easy to test (the easiest way I've found is by using patched engine.dll that just cripples the crest data enough before sending them to server) and it doesn't do anything wrong on the server itself (you even won't see any error message, server doesn't check what's in crest data, it just saves it and later sends it to other players) - it just crashes all clients that try to load the malformed crest as a texture via D3D (e.g. chars who see someone from that clan) - also it's easier to fix by patching the client d3ddrv.dll to not throw exception but ignore the texture error and leave crest white. EDIT: Oh crap, I forgot this is about Vanganth IL, not GF - the skill enchant type error isn't present there (because there were no skill enchant types in C4 core, it's implemented in the extender). But the second bug with crests exists and can be fixed with this patched d3ddrv.dll (Interlude).
  9. ogg.dll has nothing to do with languages - it's library for working with Ogg Vorbis sound files.
  10. I would bet the first one is sending RequestExEnchantSkillInfoDetail with enchant type > 3 (first dword in the packet data) - this crashes the server immediately. The second one is maybe using malformed pledge/ally crest or pledge emblem to crash everyone's client? EDIT: Fix for the first one (didn't try to compile, please let me know if something is wrong)
  11. Discussion I NEED HELP ! important

    L2j is and always be only emulator. I can't exactly agree with @sepultribe, l2j is nowadays very complete (most private servers that run newer chronicles or classic are l2j based) but it's still only emulator. Never will give an exact feeling of true L2. For a low-rate server I'd recommend l2off platform but it really depends on how much customizable do you need it. There's lot of stuff that can be done in AI, yet there are some things that can't. Are there any features you can talk about so we have an example?
  12. Yes, lex+yacc ported to win32. Unfortunately it's really hard to get any info from the tables so I was just logging all tokens in CLexerForSkill::yyaction during load and made enum from it (so there might be something missing).
  13. Epilogue isn't much different - probably the only difference in mechanics that's bit unclear is 79+ mobs nerfing (yes, they wrote 78+ but in fact it's 79+ lol): The formula used to determine damaged inflicted on monsters level 78+ has changed slightly. The amount of damage inflicted on monsters will be lower if your character is 2 or more levels below that of the level 78+ monster. Damage will not decrease if player is same or higher level of the monster they are attacking. In case of a servitor or a pet, damage will be based on owner's level and not the pet's level. Decreased damage amounts apply for all types of attacks (weapons, skill, etc.). This change does not apply to PVP. The formula used to determine resistance against magic inflicted on monsters level 78+ has changed slightly. When a character's level is 3 or more levels lower than that of a monsters level the chance that the monster will be able to resist a magic spell will increase. Items that used to affect the chance of a creature resisting a magic attack has changed. The chance of monsters resisting magic spells will be based on character's level rather than stats used to boost the chance to hit a monster. This change does not apply to PVP. MyExt64 allows you to tweak how much it nerfs attack damage and chance of magic success (in config file). All other changes seem really straightforward. Other thing is data which never will be really accurate (but you can carefully merge leaked Gracia Final and Freya files and get result that's not far from original Epilogue). As for activity here in this topic, most of people who help me usually communicate with me over Skype (because it would be really long here) and also lot of bugs we've fixed was found by our players on L2 Shrine :)