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  1. How about Starcraft2 section? Alot of ppl are intrested and most of them don't know that we hae avalible and playable files over internet.
  2. Just used it to my favourite cover on youtube, thx.
  3. Great share, some of them very usefull.
  4. Cata is good enough imo, there are not many places with herbs etc and w/o terrain obstacles.
  5. Well I injected those 2 files pressed launch and nothing happens on login window when I press Home
  6. Hello, I need l2net fishing script if such a thing exist. Any informations about that?
  7. I still don't know how to use it. When I select l2.exe it starts with autoupdater and kills l2walker. I'm using windows 7. Any ideas?
  8. Inglorious bastards, seen few days ago. Gr8 movie for everyone
  9. Starcraft II, beta looks pretty sweet.
  10. I'd rather play HoN then DoTA but L2 is still over them ;)
  11. I would go for cracked nod32, serials are well provided over internet.
  12. Black sabbath, dio, cranberries, the clash and muse.