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  1. I think it work on offlineshop, cuz then you go to offline shop, you still have online = 1 in your Database, so you need just create one if with Offlineshop to don't get points
  2. Wow, its took about 10 min to know how to work with disasm, and after it, its working, thank you Elfocrash, i need to remember your nick name :)
  3. don't work ether, if i take l2encdec its open, but i can't see quest id's
  4. Ok, i have god pack, and now i started to create quest, i used encdec to decode Queste.dat file, but half of code i see in heroglifs (dunno how to write ;p). One time I saw a post how to normaly decode all files, but i cant didint find, i event dont remember an autor. Can some1 help me? Plus i can only decode itemname, but cant item-grp.dat
  5. <item id="1"> <ingredient id="65436" count="1200"/> <production id="3926" count="1"/> </item> for multisell, you can use 65436 ID, but you must make server restart not reload multisell
  6. NO Custom Items latter Custom item
  7. Full working Fortress - Interlude dont have fortress, just fortress as house, but not attack system, so its custom, not retail.
  8. working for interlude, but IL don't have getIcon() so there is two way: 1) remove getIcon, but then you dont see icon 2) add getIcon(), its easy, but you need to add all icons to etc, armor and weapons.sql btw, interlude dont have L2NpcActionShift.java, so we add to L2NpcInstance this code.
  9. Umm. activeChar.closeNetConnection(); its turn off your Client? Its smart? Better would be boolean TryAugmentItem(L2PcInstance player, L2ItemInstance targetItem, L2ItemInstance refinerItem, L2ItemInstance gemstoneItem) { + // can't aug ROD + if (targetItem.getItem().getItemType() == L2WeaponType.ROD) + { + player.sendMessage("You can't augment rod type weapons"); + return false; + }
  10. first is by my pack, second by your pack, maybe guy named John, will have statment.setString(105, so this must combine by your l2pcinstnace
  11. Give one example what frozen had created? They event don't how to create db installer, what talk about script.. Btw tooked everything from Scoria )))
  12. Tera Online is Lineage 3. Lol, old news. There is no be L3. If you remember that incident where some creators stole l3 files, so here it is, these stolen files is Tera Online.
  13. Working on freya, hi5 too. Goddess of Destruction already had this in alt + x