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  1. I just saw Goddess asked for her name to be removed lol... No, you're not "clean" as you say and you know that. I remember you before some weeks layer ripping...
  2. No I mean another one but I'm not feeling like posting it... I want to see what Goddess has to tell. Actually I want her to admit that she ripped some layers... If she doesn't admit it then I'll probably post it.
  3. Actually in this sig she ripped some layers from another PSD :P
  4. Thanks you all for your comments guys! :) Actually this sig was made for me so I don't think I'll change the name, sorry =/
  5. A pretty cool render if you ask me. You can apply lots of effects on it easily but as I already stated in the past I like simple things.
  6. Yeah. This is the render I used (Resized)
  7. Because I saw many people are posting these kind of sigs I thought I should post mine too. It's pretty old... DS and MD saw it already on their forum a while ago but anyway. Here it is. I would be glad if I could get some tips. I'll prolly release the PSD of it someday when I am not bored.
  8. Thanks for the comments and the suggestions guys. By the way I put the text there because I personally think it continues the "flow"
  9. I am trying to get back in shape so I would really appreciate any suggestion.
  10. Thanks for your ratings. And Blane, yeah I know about the text. My friend wanted it that way so I couldn't do something else.
  11. Thanks. Any more comments?
  12. Well... After some months I opened again Photoshop and tried to do something for my friend. Although he likes it I thing I failed at some parts. I had to add a lot of contrast because the quality of him (the main render sucked)... I personally think I succeeded in adding depth, lightning and the correct placement. Anyway here it is. Please CnC