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  1. Pick some sources to start with, (as you mentioned acis installed without any issue, thats good.) and start exploring every thing until you can create something by your own. A weapon , a code or something bigger. As a begginer, don't searching for the best sources arround (that cover your needs) because you will give up. There are hundreds of free sources out there, but most of them are outdated with probably different java version than you and with different structure about their static data. Start with something easy, learn, and go ahead.
  2. The problem is clearly the "Communication". Both sides are correct in this case. zemaitis wanted his problem to be solved with a cost of X E. At the end the problem wasn't full fixed by the dev's side. So he gave him 50% of the price that they agreed (fair move by my side) amarantthe92 made a deal to fix what exactly the customer requested which is the loginserver part based on the image https://imgbb.com/cQLLcK9 . He fixed the loginserver with the price they agreed (100E) and then he got the 50% of that. Another problem comes up but they didn't agree for GS too.
  3. https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php?topic=30.0 spend some minutes and see the changesets from 382 until the current last. There are a lot of bug fixes. I think its worth to give 10 euro and get the latest ;)
  4. When you create a new database and open its tree data, at the last item you should see Backups item. Right click on it, and select Restore Backup from... then locate at your psc and then click restore
  5. How are you trying to implement the file? Step by step.
  6. As kara said, you can create your own conditions to catch double ips but it is something that i wouldn't suggest you. Use HWID or any other information from the player's PC to detect 2nd window (it requires client modification)
  7. By clicking Restore Backup ? ....
  8. Doesn't frozen have getPlayersInside/getCharactersInside method?
  9. Client's responsibility is to show a name up on the creature texture. Server is sending the message by adding as holders the creature name,and the damage. So, the server have stored the name of the creature somewhere. Take a look in your database (if you are not using aCis, or check at your npcs xml by searching its npc id if you are using aCis). You should find the name field with the old npc name. Its all about what server files you are using.
  10. You need to change the server side name too. not only the client part
  11. Do what ever you want on this guy. But look at your forum too. What happened to Verified Trader?? What happening to Feedback system? What happening to Reputation system? What happening to VIP system? All those things just to get some money? Maybe its not your responsibility to complain about the seller's price but look at him. look at his prices. When i made a post before a week in a topic that the seller was selling his sources for 400+ euros and in his pack info he saying that the pack needs more work to be online and is NOT READ
  12. To avoid any kind of misunderstanding, I am not against the ban. I actually vote for it since the product "they" selling, is absolutely terrible. Mxc wake up