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    Οι ξένοι είναι συνάνθρωποι ναι αλλά όταν βλέπεις ότι η χώρα σου είναι στα όρια ( και εμείς όχι μόνο στα όρια αλλά έχουμε κατέβει αρκετά) σταματάς να νοιάζεσαι για αυτούς για μόνο ένα λόγο. Γιατί νοιάζεσαι περισσότερο για τον εαυτό σου και για το τι φαι θα φας να τα ξεκαθαρίζουμε αυτά. Όσο για την ηλίθια προφορά που έχεις απέναντι στους Χρυσαυγήτες μαλον είσαι πορομενος με το κόμμα του Αλέξη και δεν σηκώνεις μύγα στο σπαθί σου γιατί λογικά θα είσαι σε γραφείο μαζί με άλλα σκουπίδια αφού σας βόλεψε αυτό το κόμμα. Μάθε όμως ότι όλοι είναι τα ίδια σκατα και ότι υπάρχουν Έλληνες που ζουν στα παγκάκια ενώ ο Κούρδος-αλβανος-ρωσσος έχει σπίτι από το κράτος και παίρνει επιδόματα επειδή στην χώρα του έγινε πόλεμος και εσύ τους υποστηρίζεις . Έχεις δώσει ποτέ μια μπλούζα σε ένα άστεγο Έλληνα ρε? Άντε τράβα στο γραφείο του Τσίπρα τώρα και άσε τα "endopizoume' που ούτε αυτό δεν ξερεις να προφέρεις.. Εάν είσαι ΚΚΕ , ξεχνά ότι είπα παραπάνω και άντε αυτοκτονα
  2. Melron

    I am glad to add points to people like you who have seriously problems and do not respect the rules. Why should i felt offended? You called me retard twice but everyone knows who is the real one. I'm not hiding
  3. Lets talk about your features . I wont even mention the other features you've posted (They are clearly your configs) But lets take a look in this photo. You are using the most hated word in the planet 'Unique' ... DO NOT! I will mark some of them and i will ask you if they are really unique features. Stackable scrolls, life stones Unique primeval isle PvP area. Wedding system. Unique farming areas. Full NPC buffer with auto buff. Maximum count of buffs - 76. Maximum subclasses - 5. Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest sub class. Cheap noblesse status. No weight limit. No grade limit. Augmentation system. Unique monsters. Server up-time [24/7] [99]% All the 'Unique items'... As you can see the 85% of the features you posted as Unique are not even 'customs'. just -> false,true things. What? I'm lying? You cant call Unique the fucking Wedding system. , Free and no quest class change. , No grade limit. , No weight limit. and all the others i wrote... Get real dude... Work more on your server and make a preview about of what you did.. If your power stop there then spend some money to get things that will raise your server in ppl eyes... Do not expect even 10 ppl with these features. Another thing, What you did about the advertisement part? Did you posted your server only in hopzone,topzone forums and facebook with your main profile & server profile? If yes then you failed at this part... A server to be successed more than 4 people have to work in different roles... Advertiser,Developer,In-game checker, Site-Forum responsible and more and more and more.... What about your team? .... People will not join in a server like yours just because if they will search for 10 minutes in some sites will find your server with other name. Why? Take a look in your features again... Start realize what they want from a server and why. Be one of them. Do the following test. -Forget about the 'developing part' thing and lets play l2. Open your browser and go at 'topzone' Find a server called l2dragonwind. Ask your self. Is it worth to spend hours of playing there? Why you have to and What's the thing that this server offering to make your feelings good? Now lets talk seriously. Open a txt and start writing all your ideas inside. Log in other servers and steal ideas if you cant think something smart. Ask all your friends in your skype/facebook if they like the things from this txt. Do not ask your self. Once you get the answers and the positives are bigger you can start working on them. Not bigger? Repeat the thing with the txt. Seems like you will never create all these features? 'Cooperation'. Cooperation Pay someone / share your sources with another guy While you are making your features spend more time for checks instead of looking them. In every completed thing take a pic - vid. Do not let it at the end because you will forget what you did before some days. Once your features are done guess what. You have also the advertisement part ready from your side. Search for 5 ppl who can advertise your server. You dont have to look for professionals . You can do with amateur people who owns fb pages for example. Pay one guy to create for you a nice post with nice colors and nice images so your server will looks like 'something different'... Make it attracting... Do not ask for help with the server's profile because you are showing your skills and if they will see -How to- from you guess what will be happen... I really wish you good luck...
  4. Why you meshing up with new scripts? In case he want a raid/monster instead of only grandboss he can easily add the code in L2RaidbossInstance or L2MonsterInstance (since grandboss -> raidboss -> monster) and check for specific instance with the magical code (instanceof) and nothing more. Creating new script for this is bad idea...
  5. You have to take a look in L2GrandBossInstance at doDie method.. You can use knownlist to reward all players with X distance from the raid instead of mesh with damages ... if (getNpcId() == baiumId) getKnownList().getKnownPlayersInRadius(3500).forEach(pl -> pl.getInventory().addItem("reward", 57, 5, pl, null)); in case you want all online players i wont help you.. You have admin rights so you can check how mass reward working
  6. if you dont have any skills in java go and learn some basics and then pick what ever you want. Do not expect results then. When your server will be online and the 1st bug will knock your door and you will not be able to fix it by urself, i wanna see this comment again...
  7. Its because you are changing only the database and that means your new stats will be applied only after the server restart. In order to change it instantly you have to do some changes where the player stats are stored about olympiad. example private static final Map<Integer, StatsSet> _nobles = new HashMap<>(); private static final Map<Integer, Integer> _noblesRank = new HashMap<>(); these maps ( contains infos about players. you should check there if the player is inside and change/add the values
  8. Define 'best'. I would suggest you acis files as the best sources for many reasons that i will not explain you right now. But as camenomat0 mentioned its depends on what you need...
  9. Cleaned...
  10. @ThelwHelpRePaidia Are you the creator of this code?
  11. find the method registerNoble at and add this check if (noble.getPvpKills() < 30) { noble.sendMessage("Your message"); return false; }
  12. No :( but! I have color system, anti-bot protection and anti-hlapex! Do you?