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  1. what about features:

    Npc buffer (No 3RD class No Cat/sephe buffs)

    gm shop till B grade

    Fix rb drops (more adena)

    Fix drop rate: x70

    Fix exp rate: x50

    Clan with 10 onlines will have rewards

    :not bad:


    well... the new features are good what about shots c grade and dgrade can we find it in the shop ?


    Thanks for Sugestion but the server already mad  O0

  2. No1 will stay on this server, no1 want play entire life for something, it's a pirate server =T

    Without buff, without full C grade set, low adena drop, who will try it? =T

    People have all things to do something nice, but dont think tsc

    With some change your server can be a nice1 and maybe grow, but on this way, is a fail like other1 trying copy dnet ...

    well the server is mad for the players who had enjoyed dnet c4-c6  time  but i think (there are no longer such player ) only pvp kids  :-X

  3. Add these potions it will be nice.

    The dragon network died with the lolipop donate weapons.


    And for our friend with the inbalance issues... Lineage have developed not to be balanced... you can't ask for ultimate balance on a non retail server and especially a stuck sub one.... it's goes with what you want to do... if you want to be easy hero make a ol/ty,pp/pa,pp/gl, es/ee but if you do this you cannot go to a siege with the es/ee you will get raped :P The point on this is to check the most usual subclass combinations and avoid to see a server with only pp,wk/he or a server full of dark crystals :P

    We are woking on the Poitions but it may take a little time cause we are rework in it from scratch , btw Good Point of view  especially this one :D


    but if you do this you cannot go to a siege with the es/ee you will get raped :P
  4. Ive played stack sub long time..also my friends had opened a stack sub server some time ago both in interlude and h5 I hadd some chance to test..ofc there will be some op combos wtf are u talking about ????

    in oly, ty/ol will beat almost all(u might have to lower the soul guard effect on heavy/light) ..and d.elf combos will be trash in oly..

    as for outside pvp, most will make he/pal as archer or he/wk in the case 2x weap mastery stays..

    I think the only reasonable thing to do would be  to limit the sub options, so that tank/fighter-mage  combos will be unavailable or just limit the sub options to asist-support classes only(such as bd,sws,pp,healers,summoners), that way u could maintain a more cooperative and interdependent gameplay environment to a certain extent not to mention the better balance this would provide....we wanted to implement this idea on our stack-sub project but unfortunately we couldn't find some1 to script it for us.


    btw what about custom tattoos and pots??



    Well we are consedring everything you said and we double checked it ... Custom tattoos and pots are in process we may add something such this




    All da douchebags posting "lower dis,lower dat,delete dis,do dat" and horsecrap like dat better delete ur acc here.


    Its a fackin sub stack srv,wtf u expect? "balance"? if yes,u better check with ur family doctor.


    Ontopic: Srv concept seems intriguing. DONT listen to any turd, as I said its a sub stack,leave everything as it is.

    ;) i"m just taking sugestions , we may found something intersting 

  5. 2 mp pots for what? 1 pot for 300mp is da same. ur point?

    2 add some weight



    you may need to  fix the 2x weapon mastery of archer/mystic combos in the future..its a huge p.atak boost..too op.  and some tweaks to do about he/pal..it will be an op mass pvp char..imo..

    btw what about anti bot?

    and yea dnet was the most cool server I ve played..


    rechecked and tested it in pvp :D ; yes we have antibot system ..

  6. gl ... questions


    mana pots?

    skills need books?

    time dance and buffs?




    thanks man  O0


    - mana potion  increase 200 with 20 sec reuse you can combine it with other pot with 100 in 20 sec reuse max mp  300 in 20 sec


    - You need books to learne skills , buffes time 20 min , songs and dance 2 min

  7. 1st of all u can't balance all classes in a stack sub system : ))) some combos will get ahead inevitably...and u will need to tweak this and that to avoid op combos....

    2nd..I dont know what to make of ur answer.. do u mean to tell me that no npc buffer will exist and u intend to remove the weapon mastery stackings from mystic/fighter combos right??

    And I assume u are an ex dragon network player like me...right?

    :not bad:

    -well i mean by balanced classe there is no Overpowred Classes

    - npc buffer wull never exist neither aio buffer

    -3rd yes ex dragon network player , was the best server i played in till hellbound >.<

  8. Hello MXC


    L2 Darknessvoice is a low/mid rate server using the stucksub classe system (main+1) with a fully balanced classes (all skills reworked and tested)

    - you need to kill golkonda to add a subclasse

    -buffs slot 20 +4

    -debuff slot 6 cast only

    -buffs time 20

    - the server is using craft system you can find untill c grad weap in shop

    (no costume gmshop or buffer)

    -verry active staff

    -1st and 2nd classe items are in shop (or you can add in classe master for a little more a-beep-t of adena )

    -you need to kill a boss (Golkonda) to add subclasse


    Server Rates!

    * Experience: x20

    * Sp Experience: x20

    * Party Experience: x1.5

    * Party Sp Experience: x1.5

    * Adena: x30

    * Subclasses = main+ 1

    * Max Alliances = clan+ 3



    Enchant rates!

    * Max Enchant = +16 for all scrolls

    * Safe Enchant = +3 for all scrolls

    * Normal enchant scroll rate = 56%

    * Blessed enchant scrool rate = 68%

    * Normal Scroll - If Enchant fails item broke

    * Blessed Scroll - If Enchant Fails items not broke just retuns to safe

    * Scrolls/LS/BOGS stackable



    Dedicated Info!

    * CPU: 2x i7 990x (12 cores)

    * RAM: 32 GB DDRIII 2133 ECC Memory

    * HD: 120x3 SSD Hard Drive!

    * BW: 1000 Mbps

    * GR: 40 mb/s minium conection for international people.

    * Host Location : Europe.


    Web : http://l2.darknessvoice.com/featured.html