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  1. Oh okay then, Flames of Invencibility came in my mind right now, dunno how it can be done, just at the head of the Dominator or on the head of every one who gets the invencibility, both are usefull anyway.
  2. Solved, thank you very much! :) Also i wanted to ask you if u can make a olympiad version, I mean, buffs like Vengeance ud, Ultimate Defense, Mystic Immunity, Celestial Augment (dunno if augments can be added too) , and for the "PvP" version i think Heroic Miracle would be really usefull too. Thank you for your time mate! ))
  3. Dont know if only happens to me, but when SpectralDancer dance it says like he use UE, Touch, Zealot, etc etc. Great Job btw!
  4. Thank you Wyatt i had same problem ;D