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  1. Hey, as title said, WTS that character (NAKED) - 20€.
  2. Hey, as tittle said, WTS that bow for 100€.
  3. As title says, Eminence Bow +16 - 150€ Dragon Slayer +6 - 100€ pm.
  4. Be careful, they are scammers. After you pay, they don't respond/closing your chat. Anyone have same experience?
  5. Vesper Noble Found Robe set +4 (Full lvl 4 att) Vesper Buster +7 (Acumen) Freya Necklace +4 2x Vesper Ring +4 2x Vesper Earring +4 3,3kkk + Some shi..s Shirt (CP,) +4, Bracelet (S), Pirate King Hat, 60x Vote, 6x DP.. + Cardinal Account (0 sub, Nobless, +10 skills) I only sell all at once (items), paypal payment (first only). Offer price. Skype: Johny Hongkong