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  1. I'm struggling 4 days now and can't find anything till now i only found the id of the system message (1693) but nothing else and the strange thing is that it does on every HtML dialog and not only on the olympiad ones Fixed was an error on request bypasstoserver @Zake thnx for your time! Locked
  2. Hello everybody i have an issue when i register on olympiad whatever Html dialog i press it show the same thing " You may not observe a Grand Olympiad Games match while you are on the waiting list" even if i press on buffer,gk or gm shop it gives the same error does anybody know what should be the problem ? Thanks in advance
  3. Ksereis kaneis pws borw na ftiaksw to build.xml arxeio ?
  4. oxi kala katalaves den ennow to site :P ta server files ennow ! edit: aplws exw bei se pollous rwsikous server kai einai akrivws t idio
  5. kalws euxaristw apla exw dei 20+server me t idio pack