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  1. you must change it...on drops Change you must put that of you want..
  2. Hello anyone can share npc and when i speak to him and pres become noblesse become me nobles? (Sorry for my bad english) :S
  3. i think is in Custom mods if you using L2JOneo Pack go to L2JOneoCustom if you have other pack tell me name
  4. if i post any screnshot can do something?im MaxCheaters member only ;p
  5. Hello im using Oneo Last rev and i have the following problem...If semeone create clan and server restarted clan is losted some times not every time i execute clan_data again but nothing happen any solution?
  6. I ip den allazi otan kanete rr to pc alla otan ginete restart to modem [English]The ip change only when rr the modem no when rr pc :D
  7. man ean thes help add me sto msn f1l0s0f0s@hotmail.com :D hf