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  1. what about normal bosses respawn time?
  2. thank you i changed this files and now it's in english :)
  3. Hello i play in a server that have russian language any of you knows which files i have to change to make it in english language
  4. any news about when server will open?
  5. i also tried the free trial and it was working very smooth i think this will be the best botting tool in the next months for me it's very lighter than adrenaline and also the settings are easier and the admin is always online on skype to answer your questions, for now it doesn't support map and scripts but as the admin told me all these things gonna be added soon
  6. Hello mate the file is deleted could you please upload it again?
  7. why its not free service? before some months i used 1 site (now it closed) whith that you could add likes to photos and status and it was free now im searching for something similar with that you can add likes to a facebook page
  8. As title says i tryed some but none works correct if someone knows any that works please post it here or send me pm Thanks
  9. Allaxe mitriki enas filos sto pc tou kai apo tote opote paei na bei sto l2 tou vgazei to parakato: the game may not be consistant becuse AGP is deactivated. please activate AGP for consistancy beni kanonika to l2 alla laggari ipervolika poli xeri kanis ti prepei na kanei gia na diorthosi to provlima?
  10. Looking for interlude faction server without donates