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  1. If u have 4GB of memory and change this option to 1024 ~1GB then every client reserve 1GB of memory - it should reserve. You can change other parameters to make your playing more comfortable but less attractive: parameters from ClippingRange section (like terrain, pawns etc.), from WinDrv.WindowsClient section (all Textures parameters starting from TextureDetailInterface - u can change only between low, high etc.) ..you can change more and more parameters from l2.ini to make your playing more comfortable on lower machines/sieges etc.
  2. It's just changing enchant value in memory... dont be excited
  3. IG -> doesnt work for me :) OOG works good :)
  4. Exchange old good trick :) buffer and augu doesnt work for me ;)
  5. work good for me, tested on gracia final and blessing of seraphim
  6. Good guide, nice work... but with it on my server (anti-hack system) doesnt work this version, i dont know why, 3.4 is working good
  7. Good upload, My GG found some 'hacking tools' but now everything is ok, TY