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  2. Provide prices for all these it's required. Read the rules before you open a topic. Have a nice day.
  3. Provide prices for char/items it's required. Read the rules before you open a topic. Have a nice day.
  4. Provide prices for all these. Read the rules before you open a topic. Have a nice day.
  5. Vision

    Abusive Mod

    You just declared your opinion? No you said the followings: 1. First time you said that "I'm a clown" you are provoking me without a reason just to say your opinion which I don't really care. 2. I didn't warned you in the first time my bad I was too soft and then, you call me again clown in a second post like I didn't hear you. So you are clearly don't respect me at all. I didn't even answer you I just warned you for the second time and if it will be third time you will be chat-banned guess what is the next punishment after chat-ban. So, you report me after you disrespected me two times and you expect an answer from @Maxtor Good luck with that.
  6. I just don't believe EAC is a strong anticheat. I believe more Vanguard from Valorant rather than EAC. You were a good boy don't worry! XD
  7. @Bellion - Lineage 2 any dates when you will open gates?
  8. It's ok I don't get offended easily. They have an opinion I cannot do anything to change that. Let's stay /ON TOPIC we said enough about this.
  9. You didn't say just that. You were reported by another user of using bad tongue while you speak. Specifically, you said "none's gonna read all this wall of shit" which is unkind for some of the users of this forum and you got reported for this and I took action it's so simple. Learn how to behave and how to talk to people not my problem your education. There were two options in your case either I edit your bad vocabulary because you treat Server Owners like shit or hide your post. I chose to edit it and make it less rude all the time you are talking like this and for that reason you kicked out from the staff. In the last part, if I'm good in my job go send a PM to @Maxtor and ask him. The fact you are reporting me doesn't make bad Global Mod.
  10. Correct. When it comes to the exact date I will move it to Private Servers.
  11. I warned you not to insist on me. Take one week chat ban and learn how you will talk to me next time.
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