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  1. Buying Eola files from Pigasos and telling that “best devs as katara & anarchy” also... l2eliot is a big populated server? Where on your friends? Selling compiled shared eola pack 250€ damn you boy.
  2. Where is that text connecting to and he says enabled? 😷
  3. Damn boy,I feel sorry for you🤧
  4. Worth to pay for,waiting pms only from decent people.
  5. You can ask @xdem I’m sure he will be happy to help you.🤣
  6. AC blocks most of adr functions,it’s barely working 1 window
  7. Try AC,adrenaline can’t bypass it bro 😎
  8. There are 2 type of antibot. AC & the rest. So I can say 100% everything else is equal, everything has its price so if you don’t want to pay a lot of money get a standard version of the antibot that are released.
  9. This protection is trash,not bad? Cmon owner of this ‘try’ is a clown the support is terrible,it’s a waste of money,use smartguard if u want a cheap one if u want the best one use ac. If u wanna buy strix guard better donate the money to Unicef.
  10. You send me a message,you created a topic,you insulted me i have a missery life & i like what is happening here? For god shake you use l2jfrozen rev 1132 on 2021 when aCis & lucera exist & with that topics you can rate my IQ? LF MODS his insults are starting to giggle me
  11. Before 1 year you were searching in Maxcheaters how to get a server up,now you can value screens, rate my IQ and know that i got raped by my parents when i was at a young age? You can't get competition,ppl will not join anyway on your homehosted frozen project,so stop creating drama out of nowhere for the rare name that i copied you. You should get banned for stupidity.
  12. First time in my life i see such a questionable report seriously. I guess we will compete who has the best free pack server 😄
  13. Test servers aren't supposed to be in Topsites i guess? Typing l2memories on google wasn't producing any serious response,so i bought a domain in that name,your site is https://l2memories.website2.me/ how can i take that seriously? Also what kind of report is this? Maxcheaters is responsible for name grabbings or how can this be called? Opening L2Memories since 2015 hmmm...
  14. Many bravo to both of you,for many people l2jfrozen was a founder for big projects. But life goes on so gl to both of you.
  15. Such a shame people like Pigasos still exist.