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  1. things to check; -are u trying those with a gm char -are u in a combat zone? dont say no at first; check if u screwed some code lines that comes up to even peace zones -is there a config exist on ur files that something like pvp everywhere that makes even normal players able to hit each other on towns -check also if u able to debuff/attack without ctrl
  2. https://youtu.be/D5K92Uwswf8 coded&tested @jfrozen and selling for jfrozen, didnt tested on other packs https://youtu.be/DtvJMpIM9nk .l2j - aint pathnode support, just geodata. sales working for per place not whole files. u will ask a specific place and i will edit&give it to you. full package way too expensive, just dont ask it :p https://youtu.be/DtvJMpIM9nk?t=162 coded&tested @jfrozen and selling for jfrozen, didnt tested on other packs also there is a lot of off-like stuffs exist on my pack but i dont remember what i've did. working on pack over years, its hard to remember. just ask me anything u want and i can help u if i have it. since im living in turkey and 1 eur for like 6 tl; i decided to sell some of my stuffs. dont ask me to code anything for other packs, i got no time for that but i can give u the codes way cheaper if u capable to adapt it https://facebook.com/realihankaraca alihankaraca@windowslive.com