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  1. Trusted seller and reseller, he is serious person. I made big deals with him and share some customers, never got a problem or a ban.
  2. Hello! We sell in L2 Reborn x1 interlude server, at the moment we have the following things: Characters: Hawkeye 77 + subclass quest finished Hawkeye 78 + subclass quest finished Ghost Sentinel 78 + subclass quest finished Elven elder 76 + subclass quest finished Warcryer 79 (COV) + subclass quest finished Bishop 77 + subclass quest finished Swordsinger 76 + subclass quest finished Bladedancer 76 + subclass quest finished Arcana Lord 76 + subclass quest finished Epic Jewels: Queen ant, baium and zaken available Weapons: x3 draco bow focus x2 arcana mace acumen x1 angel slayer crit. damage x2 halberd x2 homunkulus acumen x1 club of nature acumen Armors A/B grade: Majestic light sets x3 Dark crystal robe sets x3 Majestic Robe set x1 Tallum Set x1 Majestic heavy set x1 BW robe and heavy sets x3 Tatteossian jewels x5 complete sets Majestic jewels x3 complete sets Black ore jewels x1 complete sets Armors C grade: Plated leather sets x3 Karmian sets x4 Full palte sets x2 C luxury jewels x9 complete sets Adena: Over 500kk stock We accept Skrill and Paypal as payment methods, we can use middleman of your choice (a known one in MXC). i don't answer PMs, contact me by discord: McMago#4491
  3. Phpmyadmin is a database management system (it let you insert, create, delete and/or modify tables, databases, etc...) just as Navicat (not just as navicat, phpmyadmin is so much better).
  4. Certain actitudes needed with certain kind of people. I can't stand people flamming all day, is anoying, at start i tryed to argument without flamming, with respect to other, education, but when other don't reply with theese actitudes...
  5. that's good, for sure you are older, i'm one of the newest inner circles, and with small contributions only some quests and litle bug report/fix. but at least i try to learn and to do something usefull, like the other 17/20 inners 3k frozeners cannot say that, 95% is only registered to post critical bugs that are ruining their full donate+crappy web template+1monthfullofbugcustompvpshitserver ;)
  6. Custom boards are private section, maybe is better idea focus in search for bugs or port some quest to java (now we are working on scripts folder/boneCP pooler) theese are the best contribution to do ;)
  7. You have contributions in their forum, so i don't think your name should be removed, i'm not insulting you, i'm only posting information, i saw posts about client mods/tutorial in forzen done by you (great ones, maybe not usefull for a project, but at least is not crappy shits..) if you had post in acis i would put you in acis ;) I'm trying to explain to people that frozen contributor, only give custom mods, and client modifications, and in acis our "10 members" works 300% more than 3k frozen "contributor" and doing better contribution (server side, core development, optimization, etc...).
  8. My post intention is not to flame frozen, i to flame people who defend frozen and attack acis without knowledges of projects status. We all are hobby mates, we like l2j, and we do it for free, there are not reason to flame, but there are some stupid people without any idea leaveing useless words in their post attacking aCis all they, and sometimes to be offensive is needed, cause we are 5-6 ppl posting to defend our work and frozen "people" are 50 posting all day to attack us (with "people" i mean people like maximillian2, not frozen owners or devs..)
  9. bla bla bla, too many words to say nothing. The fact is the following: Frozen Head devs: Nefer / Shyla or shyva or something like that: this both are head admins, well what can we say about them?, they created a project leeching codes from other projects like Teon and a lot of russian bugged code, they know how to add custom mods, etc.. but the truth is that they have not idea about optimize anyzing, and they have not idea about dev own code, their quests taken from other packs, their "fixes" taken from other projects, and their own code is bugged always, like olympiads for example...and like skills reworked by them (some skills work fine, but others....) That's all, about Head developers of l2jfrozen. aCis Head devs: Tryskell, L2J dev in maxcheaters, professional dev, high knowledges about l2j, optimization, development, etc... Examples of their work, Core refactoring and optimization of Core, methods, fixed trashed code, etc... 100% commits without bugs... etc, etc, etc... Other relevant members in Frozen pack: Stenwal, Elfocrash, Beetle, Seriously, Zoey76: Contributions of elfocrash: 80% Client custom shits (loggin screen tutorial, editing textures, etc...) WTF?? Contrubutions Stenwal: Some minor fixes.. nothing important. Zoey76: maybe the only one doing something usefull. Other relevant members of aCis comunity: Fighterboss, Sweets, Java-man,100500, Junior, Fernandopm, xblx, and some more... (i wont make full list of all contributions, i only want to show the following...) This members have shared contributions like Quest (70% of scripts folder written in Java), working in the implementation of BoneCP pooler, XMLzation and optimization of Database (you can check that, run Frozen uses around 500mb ram, run acis costs around 200mb...., frozen have more thank 130 tables and more than 50 are useless, and near 10 bugged, aCis have 73 tables, perfectly working and usefull.) Other contributions: AI implementations, optimization, fixes, etc... Rework of malformed methods. So.... what can you see? Frozen have like 10 "devs" working to adapt/leech custom mods and do minor fixes (sometimes taken from acis ;)), And aCis have around 10 "devs" working in Ooptimization, quality improvement, bug fixing, trying to bring L2OFF features to l2j, and in our free times we adap/leech custom mods ;), so you only need to see forum statistics: Maybe you have 3k registered users but, hwo many contribute? how many know something about l2j? how many can write a simple quest?, yy, let's go, we wil take a look to your forum statistics: Frozen: User contributions section ("Post here your fixes / patches for the current source or new useful and retail-like features."): 472 posts / 85 topics. Custom contributions: 2035 posts / 203 topics Bug report: (hahaha that's the big one xD): 1755 posts/ 203 topics Help desk (this is my favorite one, when i lunch, i turn off "The simpson" and turn on frozen forum to laught with posts made in this section): 10k+posts / 2260 topics aCis: Bug report: 379posts / 58topic (and try to find 1 bug not fixed, or 1 bug without answer) in frozen 60% of bug reports (related with oly/java errors) no have answer and no fix is commited. Workbrench + shares (private section included): 872posts / 207 topics (double than User contribution in Frozen... done by 1/3 of members :*) Custom shares: around 500 posts... nothing special, is like an off-topic section. Well, if you have brain into your head, you will see that 1/3 of members have done 2/1 of contributions (good contributions...) so... stop to defend your project saying "we are more", not, you are not more... you have more registered users, waiting for fixed, so what you have is 3k of bug reporters/cryers, and we have 20 experienced devs :P
  10. but it costs 200$, if you have a free version and know how to use, tell us please.
  11. if we change protoco version you cannot move l2.ini to another system, cause server won't allow log in with a diferent version, so if i put protection in system how to avoid that?