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    Hello, Guys Today i will share with the community my latest interface version the reason is im working on new one with h5 features into it with more bot things into it and etc so i will share this version with the community use it at your own risk if there is any problems i will not fix anything thats why im saying use it at your own risk since you get my files u can do what ever u want with them selling them will not offer you any money but people will dissapointed but i will not say the reason i've added copyrights remove them by ur own some of them u cannot remove because client closes and something last you cannot edit interface.u for many reasons Thanks What is new on this version? Two map versions party images auto assist 1st Main assister 2nd auto assister and much more.. which i wont explain since you can figure it out alone :) a quick video preview https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr3rnwlAzXg&t=768s Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Hello, Guys today i gonna share you my interface which got stolen from some of brazilian guys the reason i share it is they trying to sell it to other people and they ofcrouse saying to people that dont have idea that this interface and features made by them as we all know people diying for money so i would like to share the current version with the community members all features will be listed below i hope you will like it enjoy it Features: Costumized Mini map From Higher Chronicles Creator Neophron Costumized Skill bars up to 5 Auto Skills Spam Auto Buffs Auto Use Potions Elixir/CP/MP Auto Use Potions Magic Pot/Haste Pot/Attack Pot Casting Skill Bar Critical Damage / Ressisted on Screen Hold Target / Ignore Agression Buff sizes x24 to x16 Debuff + time Custom HP/CP/MP Status Bar copied from Author Savo Custom Macro system auto spaming Macros with right click if u press on it Customized Darkdelux HP/CP/MP Bar Preview: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant and much more this is the oldest version of the interface TIP: dont get scammed by these two people T3ddy / DM Moshpit those brazilian people was trying to sell the interface for a huge amount of money but mostly people got informed already Credits: Neophron Elfen Darkdelux Savo Download Link: [Hidden Content] Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    Hello, yes, you are right. What you are looking for is really in systemmsg-e.dat. You can open this file with L2FileEdit. Download L2FileEdit: download Select chronicles "Inter;ude". Click "Open & Decrypt" and open systemmsg-e.dat Then you can edit text into editor, or try to copy all to notepad, after changing try to paste to L2FileEdit. Next click "Save & Encrypt". But be careful, use 413 encoding. Try.
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    Hello dear users and future customers. So as composition our team slightly changed, I decided to personally create topic. Many know our team, someone heard, someone else does not know :) We would like to present our updated emulator High Five part 5! And also to offer favorable conditions for purchase of our emulator and further cooperation! Development has resumed and is already quite a long time. A huge number of global changes have been made to core itself, geoengine, AI, scripts, packages and much more. You can see changes [ timeline ] on our forums. ---> For all questions you can contact: ICQ - 397086629 / Skype <--- Main advantages of our emulator and team: -> Stable core, no lags and freezes with minimal resource requirements. -> Availability to configure server for any rates due to the large number of configs. [ Download configs ] -> Easy to adapt add-ons. -> Informative community board with a large number of services. -> Emulator is adapted for Strix-Guard; -> Emulator is adapted for CMS. -> Prompt technical support, problem solving up to 24 hours*! -> Adequacy, integrity and friendliness. A broader description can be found on our forum [RU] and [ENG] Prices / Conditions: -> [ View options ] Writing scripts / mods / add-ons for any source and any chronicles (according to your technical task): -> Writing scripts [ from 10 Euro/hour ] -> Mods and add-ons: [ negotiated personally ] -> Adaptation of protection mods: Free for [ Expanded ] and [ All Inclusive ] options Bonuses / Promotions / Loyalty: If you have already become our customer -> Provide [ 10% discount ] on interfaces from EMU-DEV command -> Provide [ 10% discount ] for services to scripting -> Provide [ 50% discount ] when global update on "Standart" option All information, prices and conditions are current at the time of publication. Detailed information can be found on our forum https://l2jeternity.com *Additional time may be required to test/validate/recreate error.
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    Hello, Guys today i would like to share you something unique i know many people was looking for free good H5 Community boards since on community there are few shared and old i will share you this unique L2Dorn Community Board includes it's not my work it's shared for mxc users - PSD + all scripts Server Side & Client Side If you need to change default logo to your - write me in skype Support_La2-Pro Previews Download: Link = DOWNLOAD to get the password of the archive Like my 1st post send me pm and reply in topic..
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    Thank You sir. Help a lot ;) good to have people like you here :)
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    Today I was asked if there is a tool for quickly viewing the PSK + PSA combination. Yes there is. Here it is Skeletal Mesh Editor by Gildor. Skeletal Mesh Editor were made as a tool for importing and tuning ActorX meshes and animations for one game project. It's creation is relative to the umodel*. *Umodel link here. Copyrights: SKELEDIT ( Skeletal Mesh Editor ) © Konstantin Nosov (Gildor), 2007-2012 Skeletal Mesh Editor: download
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    Hello, i need help with this code, i decide to create this AI, All works good, except, when chaos start walk myself::AddMoveToDesire( 95904, -110652, -3344, 5000 ); the character starts follow him on camera action, my question is, exists any method to paralyze character or something??? can anyone help me? thanks class 1 doctor_chaos1 : citizen { parameter: int social = 1; handler: EventHandler TALKED( i0, i1, quest_id, talker ) { if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) < 0 ) { myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_01.htm" ); myself::SetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1, 1 ); } if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) == 0 ) { myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_01.htm" ); myself::SetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1, 1 ); } if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) == 1 ) { myself::Say( "How dare you trespass into my territory! Have you no fear?" ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_02.htm" ); myself::SetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1, 2 ); } if( myself::GetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1 ) == 2 ) { myself::ShowPage( talker, "doctor_chaos_03.htm" ); myself::SetMemoStateEx( talker, 9999, 1, 0 ); myself::AddTimerEx( 1, 1000 ); } } EventHandler TIMER_FIRED_EX( timer_id, talker ) { if( timer_id == 1 ) { myself::SpecialCamera( myself.sm, 1, 200, 0, 15, 7000, 7000, 0, 0, 1, 0 ); myself::Say( "Fools! Why haven't you fled yet? Prepare to learn a lesson!" ); myself::AddTimerEx( 2, 3000 ); } if( timer_id == 2 ) { myself::ChangeMoveType( 0 ); myself::AddMoveToDesire( 95904, -110652, -3344, 5000 ); myself::AddTimerEx( 3, 5500 ); } if( timer_id == 3 ) { myself::Suicide(); myself::Despawn(); myself::CreateOnePrivateEx( 1025512, "dr_chaos_gigantic_golem", 0, 0, myself::FloatToInt( 96030 ), myself::FloatToInt( -110777 ), myself::FloatToInt( -3312 ), 0, myself.sm.id, 0, 0 ); myself::AddEffectActionDesire( dr_chaos_gigantic_golem, social, 0, 0 ); } } }
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    - L2 SOFTWARE - Dear Mxc Community, It took me months to decide publishing my script for Lineage 2. This will probably be the biggest share in any Lineage 2 relevant forum. I am the rightful owner/writer of this script, part of which was based on a script made by a person i appreciate a lot and without whom i would not be able to share mine today, with you. I will keep his name private for self-explanatory reasons. Full functionalities of the script can be found down below. You can find the full script and fork it from my github account for free: Regards, Software Functionalities 1. 6 Class-based customizable Hotkeys to select targets from a list of preselected classes, that are either flagged or belong to a clan with War. If Hotkey is pressed again, you change to the 2nd closest target from the desired Classlist, if pressed again to the 3rd and then back to 1st again providing a variety of targets to choose from, without being restrained to 1-2 targets. e.g. "Hotkey 1 assigned: "p" -- Select closest targets from List 1:{x,y,z,...,t}, where x,y,etc. are the classes you group in the same list. 2. Interrupt Skills casted by enemies with High/Mid/Low priority, using a skill that you select. 3. 1 Hotkey for Auto-targeting ON/OFF. When the current target dies script selects the next closer to you target. If class-based Hotkey is pressed target changes to the desired one. 4. 1 Hotkey for Events ON/OFF. This option is useful for mid/high rate server with events (TvT, Domination,5v5,Treasure Hunt, etc.) For pvp in open world (out of events) Events:OFF which is set by default. 5. 1 Hotkey for Blacklist ON/OFF. This is is used when in a mass pvp you wish to focus 1 ally/clan specifically and not hit others. When this mode is ON, you will take targets only classes from this ally/clan, ignoring other wars/flagged around you. Auto-targeting/res-kill are also adjusted for this case, when Blacklist ON. (added 17/11/2018) 6. SkillCast. Assign a hotkey/button to use skills that you select. The skill casting is accelerated as if you were using macros for maximum dps and will attack any target without having to use CTRL. While hotkey is pressed, you spam the pre-selected skills non stop - after you let the hotkey button, casting ends. (added 21/1/2019) 7. 9v9 Mode. In addition to BlackList ON, using a list of character's names which will be "white-listed" (excluded from targeting) regardless of clan, war status, flagged or not, will give to the user the ability to 9v9 without picking unwanted targets, but strictly focusing on enemy party. (added 19/11/2018) 8. 1 customizable Hotkey for Auto-assisting ON/OFF. 9. Res-kill, with available option of choosing a skill you would like to cast automatically for rez-kill (rush/deathshot/etc.) depending on your class. It is needed only in open world pvp, so you need to have Events:OFF. 10. Dead Main-Assister - even when dead you will be able to select targets using the hotkeys or auto-target, same as if you were alive. 11. Anti-hate (for pts/off files it ignores hate - for java files when aggression de-buff is off, you take back the target you had before) 12. Anti-backstab 13. Anti-fear 14. HoldTarget 15 . Disarm 16. WarCount. It calculates wars within a big distance and prints in party chat the total number of wars around and the number of wars from each clan in detail. Available when Events:OFF. Lastly the script includes many build-in functions for effective targeting. Does not target medused players, players on celestial, etc. (GOD + Chronicles only) The script has gone through countless hours of testing - 0 bugs. Works in all chronicles of L2 from Interlude to GoD+ and Classic.
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    After successful Interlude seasons we decided to focus on High Five for now..of course in the future we might open again Interlude, so you are more then welcome to visit us on Website/Forum/FB to get updated. regardless, you are invited to join our High Five season :) we promise it will be FUN!
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    I decided to do something unusual. That which is not created somewhere. Something funny, but at the same time interesting. This is my personal idea. I was inspired by this: And I did it ( Simple and XMAS styles ): + VIDEO:
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    Hello, Cheaters! once again im gonna share something good for the community Clan Icons: Party Icons: Auto Assist: New & Old All Functions: Auto Assist Self Target Pressing "C" Auto Use Skills Auto Macros Auto Noblesse/Arcane Power etc Damage on Screen Classic Damage Ressisted HP MP CP Auto Potions CP/HP/MP/Elixirs Classic Casting Bar Buff Size 16-20-24-30 and much more.. Credits for Damage on screen OpalSnow Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    How I did L2Archage. 1. Open .unr in L2Editor 2.Export as .obj. The obj is accompanied by an mtl. It is all screwed up. It doesnt come with correct format. Forget Textures for now. 3. Import the .obj to max, as a poly, single mesh, smoothing groups, normals, mats. Forget textures (maps) even in this step. 4.Then you ll have Geomentry of map in max in one object and it will be a box. Select box poly -> Faces (in modifier poly) remove carefully the faces of the box that surround the map. To do so, click on box while in wireframe mode. Try not to delete faces of the map which is in origin of the object. Then you ll have something like that (I put my own texture for this geometry and just rendered rotation of Geometry): https://i.gyazo.com/a0543dc60774bcb79fa643a9e4a44b44.mp4 6.Open umodel, extract all .utx in a New Folder. The result will be saveral packages/folders in the New Folder. 7.Use TotalCommander batch command and put all .tga in the New Folder. 7.Now the stupid part. In slack Material Editor the will be a HUGE multi-mat connected to Standard materials corresponding to each ID of the Geometry. 7.1 Assign the multi-mat to the Geometry object (dont forget to go exit face mode in modifier) 7.2 The standard materials have the correct name. They just don't have the bitmap map. Assign the .tga with same name MANUALLY to each material with the workflow: Copy name of Standard Material to clipboard -> have New Folder search on always and paste the clipboard -> back to slate click diffuse map square -> Select bitmap map -> assign the .tga file from New Folder. Done. It is ridicullus but for l2Archage, we have custom map with only 4 .unrs, so I did it one day. When I was done I wanted to kill myself. And that's just for DIFFUSE! Of course now we are working with our programmers for an advanced pipeline, and will be finished by end of year we think. We don't haste. L2Archage will be out sometime... Valve Time.
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    Is it a bit funny that people say "Latinos only open servers to make money" as if they were opening servers for pure fun, money investing, time, marketing, advertising, just for fun? I would like some people from this forum to talk about these things who work with java to invest their time in developing content, npc's, effects, websites, and even java mods and events for free too. One of the best communities in Lineage today is the Brazilian, all major European and North American servers are full of Brazilians. This all from the thread owner leaked the core files because he bought a private project that is aimed only at fixing errors and not adding java mods. In the pack only contains the main and necessary, there are no life tournaments or those crazy instance mods (which are really cool) the main goal of the project is just to make as many mistakes as possible and make it retail. But customers can buy separate java mods to add the project, the problem is that any 20 BRL guys complain.
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    Here you are friend. https://gofile.io/?c=WkfpO6 Regards
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    Lineage II grandcrusade download - https://clck.ru/KhXBw Revision: 110 LANG: NA\EU $ L2exe + Engine.dll + Core.dll unpacked themida clean 100% [ unpacked - AlisaCodeDragon ] [ NOGG off game guard ][ off FROST MODULE ][ patched ] REVERSECODE - AlisaCodeDragon Protection Crushers Reverse Engineering witch's hammer Team Exploring Dark Side of the Web
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    Anyway it was really easy to crack. Put crackedgame.jar in the libs folder and replace your game.bat with the one in the zip. Download link: https://mega.nz/#!GxNQTaZZ!oAcVCLie5seZ8lOMPWbFju3c3W_qEZ2uq-NVrrc9qDs (assuming there is no client side validation)
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    UE2/2.x/3 have "2d shape editor" https://docs.unrealengine.com/udk/Two/ShapeEditor.html
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    L2Themoment - INTERLUDE CRAFT SERVER 35x Grand Opening 06/12/2019/ás 19hrs (GMT-3)! Beta Opening 24/11/2019 Não perca Call your Friends The Best Server PVP/PVE/CRAFT From america Latin Is Come Back! Web site: L2Themoment.com | L2Themoment.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CH704nCkLFQ
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    Αν κάτσω να μετρήσω ποσες φορες, ποσα διαφορετικά άτομα προσπάθησαν κατά καιρούς να βοηθήσουν το φορουμ με άπειρους τροπους δεν θα τελειώσω μέχρι αύριο. Αν συγκρίνεις τα mods του mxc οταν ηταν στο prime του με τα mods mxc του σημερα πραγματικα είναι για γέλια( με ελάχιστες εξαιρέσεις). Σήμερα οποιοσδήποτε μπορεί να γίνει mod. Δεν είναι δύσκολο. Στην τελική το mod δεν σημαίνει τίποτα ετσι οπως έχουν γίνει τα πράγματα. Ίσως ενα μικρο boost στον εγωισμό σου ή στα sales topic. Αν το κεφάλι δεν νοιάζεται και δεν λειτουργεί, πως το σώμα θα ακολουθήσει?
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    Μην ασχολείσαι μαζί μου και με το τι κάνω το ότι μπορεί εσένα να μην σε νοιάζει το φόρουμ και θες απλά να τραβάς την προσοχή και να τρολλάρεις δεν πάει να πει άτι όλοι είμαστε έτσι. Δεν με νοιάζει ποιος είσαι και τι κάνεις μου είσαι εντελώς αδιάφορος το μόνο που ξέρω για εσένα είναι ότι έχεις κλέψει κόσμο και ότι δημιουργείς συνεχώς εντάσεις δεν έκατσα να ασχοληθώ με το τι κάνεις την μόνη φορά που ασχολήθηκα με κάτι που σε αφορούσε ήταν μια φορά που είπα στον Νίκο πάνω σε μια συζήτηση ότι άτομα σαν και εσένα που δημιουργούν εντάσεις και δεν τηρούν τα Rules να μην τα βγάζει από Ban και για παραδειγματισμό και γιατί θα συνεχίσουν να κάνουν τα ίδια κλπ. Εξέφρασα απλά την γνώμη μου από εκεί και πέρα ο Νίκος μεγάλος άνθρωπος είναι και έχει την δική του κρίση είναι δεν είναι λάθος. Τώρα όσο για το "Οτι προσπαθεις πολυ για να γινεις mod." Εσένα τι σε νοιάζει ? Γιατί να μην γίνω ? Και εκτός αυτού δεν προσπαθώ για κάτι εάν έχω την όρεξη και τον χρόνο να διεκδικήσω κάτι θα το κάνω. Εγώ μόνος πήγα και ζήτησα Promo από τον Νίκο δεν έγλυψα τα @@ κανενός απλά περιμένουμε της νέες αλλαγές να ολοκληρωθούν για να αλλάξει το staff. Αντί να κάθεστε πίσω από ένα PC και να πουλάτε εξυπνάδες καθίστε και πείτε ιδέες να ανεβάσουμε το φόρουμ και σταματήστε να το χαλάτε γιατί όλοι το χρωστάμε στο MaxCheaters όλοι έχουμε βγάλει κέρδος από το φόρουμ βοηθήστε να το ανεβάσουμε λοιπόν.
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    Primero gordo, cuando arrancaste con esto no sabias ni cambiarte los pañales... No te voy a nombrar gente a la cual le pediste ayuda, porque jamas me caíste bien, ni siquiera cuando jugué l2. Si me divertí mucho haciéndote mierda un par de tus servidores. Y bueno finalmente confirmaste que sos un garca, jamas levante un servidor con fines de lucro, ni tampoco lo tengo pensado hacer, solo dedique mi tiempo a las personas que se lo merecían, ellos si hicieron plata, yo tengo un laburo real gordo, algo que vos jamas vas a tener en tu puta vida.... Te repito lo único que te sale bien es insultar y comer... Y por ultimo, recordas el sistema de subclase por web de play online? Bueno a ver si averiguas quien anduvo por ahí, asi te enteras un poco de quien soy. Ayude a gente solo por Jovi... no para lucro como vos, jamas subi nada, solo les di mis proyectos a gente que realmente se lo merecia, no solo sistemas de web, sistemas de protección también, y todavía lo sigo haciendo, no como antes porque solo lo hago por Jovi, te vuelvo a repetir gordo salamin, tengo un vida real y un trabajo real, no estafo gente como vos. Ya nos iremos a cruzar cuando un dia de estos decida visitar a Emiliano, vamos a ver si te la das de tan poronga como te crees que sos… eso si baja unos kilos porque si tenes que correr, te vas a caer al primer paso...
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    Hello chaters, - With currect code you can setup and event with spawning raidbosses on specific times. - You can use the @melron code to create easy that zones (Code Here ). Code (Updated 03/01/2019) : [Hidden Content] Credits : StinkyMadness
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    This freeware tool showing all Raid Boss places on the world map with description. Supports chronicles since Oath of Blood up to High Five inclusive. Download here.
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    FREE Npc for all users, chronicles: Interlude & H5 + effects +sounds In archieve you can find info for database. If you have any questions - write me. If you want any new modifications - write me. My contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634024371 Site: www.l2j-mod.ru Personal messages Download link: DOWNLOAD
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    Thanks for the feedback - any contribution to my github is welcome if you feel like doing so.
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    As Archangel said now you need to open 3+ dual box bots to farm.. It was really good server
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    I find this forum extremely lacking in information for users on extenders, and the only semi-useful shares are pieces of code written by developers which are of no use to the average user or new-comer to the L2 Official experience. Many people also believe that as a result of commercially available extenders, such as dvampire and depmax, that there is no need for the average L2Off server owner to write their own extenders. But there are many things that neither dvampire or depmax do which can be of use to some. So I have decided to write this little guide, with the full source-code included, that will show first of all how to create an IDA Pro Database for your L2Server.exe, and then how to remove the length limit from the //announce GM command using an extender. I'm aiming this guide towards people who maybe know a little C++ but feel intimidated by the prospects of creating an extender, but rest assured, the basic's are quite easy once you get into it. This guide is written for the dvampire L2Server.exe and so any addresses mentioned will only be valid for that exe, that also applies to the source. Source -> http://rapidshare.com/files/394471289/Extender.rar.html Attaching Guide -> http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/75684-guide-attaching-an-extender/ The first thing you need when starting with extenders is IDA Pro, this program will disassemble the L2Server.exe into assembly, which is invaluable to any extender developer. Some ASM knowledge is required, but the basics required to create simple but useful extenders are pretty easy to learn. So, lets start by creating an IDA Pro database. Once you have downloaded and installed IDA Pro, you must open the 64bit version. You do not require a 64bit operating system to do this, so it is better you create an IDA database on your PC and not your server. Once opened, you will be prompted by the "Welcome to IDA!" screen. The icon on the task bar, and at the top left of the welcome screen, should have a red "64" at the top right corner. This means you are running the 64bit version of IDA Pro, if you do not see the red "64" you are running the wrong version. Click the "New" button, and then IDA Pro will open and prompt you with the "New Disassembly Database" window. Double click the "PE Executable" Icon and IDA will then ask you to locate the PE Executable you wish to disassemble, which is your L2Server.exe, so navigate to your L2Server.exe and select it. You will now be prompted with the "PE Executable file loading wizard", with the latest version of IDA Pro, you don't have to change any of the analysis options to get a decent database, but the more advanced users may want/need to change some settings to get a correct analysis. If you want to change these settings, check the "Analysis Options" box and click next. I typically uncheck "Delete instructions with no xrefs" and "Create offset if data xref to seg32 exists" (After analysis and string generation I usually re-enable the 2nd option and reanalze to fix the data that should be offsets, without breaking unicode strings). Then just keep clicking next until the wizard closes. IDA may then ask you to locate various .dll files depending on what other extenders are already attached to the L2Server.exe you have loaded, you can either locate these files and load them, or just click cancel as they are not necessary for the creation of the database. IDA will also ask if you wish to locate the debug information file, which you don't have, so click No. ( It doesn't matter if you click yes or no, as IDA will not find that file either way ) Now IDA will start analysing your L2Server.exe, depending on your computer's performance this process could take 5 minutes, or something like 20 minutes. For me it takes no longer than 5 minutes, and you can tell when it has finished by the auto analysis status icon on the toolbar, which looks like a yellow circle when IDA is still analysing, and it will turn green when it is done, you will also see "The initial autoanalysis has been finished" in the output window at the bottom of the IDA screen. Older versions of IDA will automatically generate strings on completion of the analysis, but the version I'm using doesn't, and so I go to View->Open Subviews->Strings (or SHIFT+F12) to generate the strings. Congratulations. You have now created your IDA Database. Now comes the more difficult part, now you have created your IDA Database you need to use it to find and fix the length limit for the //announce function. For peoeple who aren't familliar with the structure of the l2server it may be difficult at first to find your way around, but after a while it becomes pretty easy. NCSoft has made our job as extender developers a lot easier because of the way they handle crashes, anyone who has seen a LinError.txt will have noticed the call-stack dump containing a lot of function names, and this is ultimately the easiest way to find a function you are looking for, by searching in the IDA Strings window for the name of the function. The function we need to find is the builder command handler function for the //announce command. So to start looking, go to the strings window, click search at the top of the screen, and then click search under that (or ALT+T Shortcut), and then as we are looking for the announce function, type announce into the box and hit enter. As your analysis may not go exactly the same as mine, and you may be using a different L2Server.exe, the strings that your search picks up may not be in the same order as mine. The first result I get is 'set_interval_announce', which is another GM command, but not the one we are looking for, so I hit CTRL+T to find the next result, and my next results are, critannounce, delannounce, setannounce, and then the command we are looking for... announce. This string is the command which is stored in the builder command handler array, and you can use this string to find the announce function but it is easier to carry on searching for the actual announce function. So CTRL+T once more brings us to exactly what we are looking for, BuilderCmd_announce, this string is the function name used by the L2Server for LinErrors, and so is referenced from the function we need. So I hit enter in the Strings window, and that then opens the location of the string in the IDA View window, by using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+X IDA will then show you the xref's to that string. Click OK and IDA will now jump to where that string is referenced in our BuilderCmd_announce function. If you don't know assembly, this is the point where you will be quite confused by what is on the screen, and so I would suggest learning some basic assembly before attempting this. For this part I am going to assume anyone reading this far knows some assembly and so you should be able to follow this pretty easily. I happen to know the reason for the character limit is because the L2Server copies only a maximum of 50 characters into the buffer which is sent to the "BroadcastToAllUser_Announce" function, which actually sends the announcement to the players ingame. To overcome this problem is an incredibly simple operation. The easiest way to find what we need to change is look for where the announcement string is copied into the buffer to be sent to the players, which is at the address 0x450A5E. The correct way to fix this function would be to overwrite the address in the builder command handler array for this function with a completely new function and rewrite the command handler function itself. But a much easier and much quicker way is to simply send the whole announce command string to the broadcast function instead of the buffer which contains the maxixmum 50 chars. The full announcement string is sent to the function from the builder command handler in the register r8, and at the top of the function the server moves the string (r8) into r12, so all we need to do is move r12 to rcx (the first argument register) for the function call rather than the limited buffer. To do this we need to replace the code at 0x450A63, with "mov rcx, r12". Which in opcode form is 498BCC, and as the code we are replacing is 8 bytes, and our new code is only 3, we must remember NOP the area, which means writing 0x90, for 5 bytes after our code. So we write 498BCC9090909090 to 0x450A63. And it's done! You could also just write the changes into the L2Server.exe using a hex editor, but that's far less fun. The code for these changes can be found here: http://rapidshare.com/files/394471289/Extender.rar.html And I hope that this guide helps more people become extender developers, because we are a rare breed in L2 these days, and it would be great to see more people doing things for themselves, rather than relying on dvampire or depmax to do everything for them. Check this link for a guide of how to attach an extender to your L2Server.exe -> http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=154347.0
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    Your poor e-games does not work in every case elfo :> JAJAJAJA :v
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    Περιμενω να το δω αυτό
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    @Nightwolf Αυτο δεν ειναι σαν να μ κανει ddos attack?
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    I don’t think you can find the original formula unless you dig enough with IDA, or get an idea from C1 since @MasterToma has already his own c1 sources
  38. -1 points
    Welcome back @Bumble
  39. -1 points
    Windows server 2008 and also sql server 2008. What files are you planning on using?
  40. -1 points
    Just add those custom functions as "func_26863220" into data/, and later on either skip them or figure out what they are needed for. Probably they are for Advext customs, so might be removed from decompiled code
  41. -1 points
    GF/GF-H5 compatible version is added. This version generates indexes with x_26 support, therefore is not compatible with C0-C6 L2Servers. MD5 of 77 zones are the same, as from original PathMaker64.exe panthode.bin MD5 6e f4 cb 8d 34 c1 85 36 42 d3 00 1d ae ae 88 11 pathnode.idx MD5 f8 2c f7 6c 9f 0b bc 69 2f 23 18 f7 e3 73 93 08
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    That is some shit. Not A pts at all :(
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    Are you high? It's some random trash from PP extenders and L2Filter.exe app.
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    You should add build options. I told you before. You can achieve this by limiting the buff and s/d slots. So that ppl are forced to choose "a path". You can also add a rebirth system similar to the one you had for Interlude but not with the exact bonuses (it was badly balanced). And focus on improving skill upgrades if you have the developing skill required (3 useful upgrades per enhancable skill is enough). Already 3 quick ways to add build options to your server. Wise ppl will read this and implement it.
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    spamers can spam* his own life !!!
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