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    Hello Folks, I'm Sharing Essence Based Interface which is made from a Brasilian Guy called "Ona" The person copied from other projects features and started selling it as his own , claiming that everything has been made by him. So i've removed every possible protection from his interface and i would like to share it with everyone. Do not waste anymore your money for stolen projects Download: [Hidden Content] if you have issues with installing the interface or missing any textures pm me back In order to get download link you have to react & reply. Credits: Sanyol
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    Hello Folks once again im going to share now the Classic Version the reason im sharing this stuff as i mentioned before the logs are writed on Essence Share i've did Download: [Hidden Content] to get the link react & reply Credits: Sanyol for removing Protection
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    Skill Bone Prison for Lineage 2 Chronicles: Interlude Already with sounds Another chronicles: Additional ( write me in discord, skype or PM ). For questions: Skype: Support_La2-Pro Discord: NevesOma#3182 Download: click
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    Lineage II Lineage2 Arena [ Salvation ] download - https://yadi.sk/d/-M8TrSvJpKhq5w Revision: 140 LANG:RU L2exe + Engine.dll + Core.dll unpacked themida clean 100% [ unpacked - AlisaCodeDragon ] [ NOGG off game guard ][ off FROST MODULE ][ patched ] [ KILL AwesomiumProcess ] REVERSECODE-TEAM
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    Keep it in English please! @Sanyol Thank you for sharing with our community!
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    If you do what request people, you will end in a black hole - because people are different, and will request different things. Therefore, you simply can't provide everything to everyone. The best is to fully assume/embrace the type of server you decide to open, and to develop it to get its own identity.
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    People don't know what they want until you show it to them. These sort of topics are pointless/
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    Inventory Skillbar & ACP & Auto Use Skills Auto Macros Custom Party look & Display Noblesse New EXP Bar + Menu bar Auto Enchant / Auto Augment etc. PVP/PK Count and much more to see debuffs on party you should press alt + F and alt + F to disable this version has not a lot stuff not even Classic Damage on screen removed because people requested so it's clean without this such stuff also contains skillgrp for people who have weak comptuers Download: [Hidden Content]
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    1- we need to download "NWindow.dll" from Download Here Credit For Spoken 2- extracted "NWindow.dll" to your system folder 3- open l2.ini, then add "IsL2pawnviewer=true" under "" section Sample Video Thanks
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    Hello there.. Here is my buffer from my old server.. (Main html made by protoftw) What's inside? Mage | Fighter set [config] Buffs/Dance/Song/Extra etc one by one Special buffs + Malaria Vote buff [If you want it, you can enable it, config] Scheme Buffer Code Preview > [Hidden Content] Code/HTML/XML > [Hidden Content]
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    IMPORTANT: Do not buy any files! You will get scammed!
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    What to say about Ave? He is professional and engaged in offering the best of his abilities and services to his customers. Just bought an updater with him and couldn't be happier with my choice. Trust worthy, diligent and fast at his work, I hope to have him no only as a business contact, but as a distant busy friend with whom I chat once in a while. Thank you, Ave! You're the man!
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    im not reponsible for stuff that are not working properly it's their fault if they lack of knowledge on fixing stuffs im just removing protections and sharing to the community
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvwudQvQwIE The video was produced using my pack (or so state the server owner/developer), but L2J got the same issue. All non-customized L2J versions using WeaponEquipTask got this issue. Even if you patched other places to avoid to get multiple similar items with same objectId, this is the initial problem and the only fix you should apply. For the goodness of L2J, I decided to post this fix for free. Short version : Upon UseItem use, and if you're currently attacking, WeaponEquipTask is called to delay the time your weapon is wear. Issue : There is no check upon task call. The item is equipped, no matter what happened between the call time, and the wear time (if you deleted, crystallized, dropped, put item elsewhere,...). Fix : check upon task call if the item is still existing on inventory. For L2J (consider to edit the called method - remove item parameter). /** Weapon Equip Task */ private static class WeaponEquipTask implements Runnable { private final L2PcInstance activeChar; protected WeaponEquipTask(L2PcInstance character) { activeChar = character; } @Override public void run() { // Check if the item is still on inventory. final ItemInstance item = activeChar.getInventory().getItemByObjectId(_objectId); if (item == null) return; // Equip or unEquip activeChar.useEquippableItem(item, false); } } If you use aCis, here's the modified task found on UseItem (will be part of rev 380) : if (activeChar.isAttackingNow()) ThreadPool.schedule(() -> { final ItemInstance itemToTest = activeChar.getInventory().getItemByObjectId(_objectId); if(itemToTest == null) return; activeChar.useEquippableItem(itemToTest, false); }, activeChar.getAttackEndTime() - System.currentTimeMillis()); else activeChar.useEquippableItem(item, true); Good luck everyone !
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    Here https://github.com/lordofdest/dateditor to work in protocol 196 to 235 u need to add auto use structure from 245/270 structure, just copy paste
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    Unique Share Free Skill Bone Prison for Lineage 2 Interlude ( Lineage 2 Death Knight ), already available for Downloading!
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    Skill Zariche Prison for Lineage 2 Chronicles: Interlude Another chronicles: Additional ( write me in discord, skype or PM ). For questions: Skype: Support_La2-Pro Discord: NevesOma#3182 Download: Click Add me to skype: ADD TO SKYPE
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    Introduction L][-Evanthe is a HighFive project base on 2017 L2J Source and focuses mostly on adding and fixing retail content. Custom content is included and varies according to the taste of each owner. Can run as a low, mid and high rate server. A person whose knowledge is sufficient in Official is also providing support in adding missing content for a better datapack experience. Disclaimer: Server remains an emulator of Official L][ files written in Java, so it's not perfect as many pack claims but still is better option than the rest available emulators. In addition, none of the script inside this project is leached or taken by a different project. You can check the code and confirm your self. Features Preview *New Drop system is coded from scratch since the L2J drop system was written in a bad way. # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Item Rates # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Drop Multipliers # Default: 1.0 DeathDropMultiplier = 1 CorpseDropMultiplier = 1 HerbDropMultiplier = 1 RaidDropMultiplier = 1 # List of items affected by custom drop rate by id, used now for Adena rate too. # Usage: itemId1,multiplier1;itemId2,multiplier2;... # Note: Make sure the lists do NOT CONTAIN trailing spaces or spaces between the numbers! # Example for Raid boss 1x jewelry: 6656,1;6657,1;6658,1;6659,1;6660,1;6661,1;6662,1;8191,1;10170,1;10314,1; # Default: 57,1 DropMultiplierByItemId = 57,1 # Multiplies group chance without affecting the chance # of each individual drop inside the group. # Default: 1.0 GroupDropChanceMultiplier = 1 # Limit Group drops to the given value. 0 - Disable # Ex. Set Min to 2 and Max to 4, a group will calculate # the droppable items shuffle them and drop 2 - 4 random items. # Default: 0 GroupDropItemLimitMin = 0 GroupDropItemLimitMax = 0 # Limit the max allowed drop quantity for weapon, armor & jeweler. 0 - Disable # Ex. Set DropWeaponMaxLimit to 1 all droppable weapons # will have max quantity of 1 # Default: 0 DropWeaponLimit = 0 DropArmorLimit = 0 DropJewelerLimit = 0 # Raid bosses RaidDropWeaponLimit = 0 RaidDropArmorLimit = 0 RaidDropJewelerLimit = 0 # List of items affected by drop quantity limit # Usage: itemId1,limit1;itemId2,limit2;... # Default: 6656,1 DropLimitByItemId = 6656,1 * Trade system is coded from scratch since the L2J one had visual bugs and stuck icons upon trading * Retail Events * Retail Events scheduler recoded which now allows an event to start if current time is within the event's period or schedule for the next year <event name="Halloween" active="23 Oct-01 Nov" * Nevit's Blessing * All Ice Queen Instances (Including Extreme) * Blood Altar spawn Custom Code (Config ex.) * Reward scheduler <settings> <set name="enable" val="true" /> <!-- Enable the system --> <set name="minLevel" val="76" /> <!-- Minimum level required to receive reward. 0 - Disable --> <set name="minOnlineDay" val="0" /> <!-- Minimum online days required since player created to receive reward. 0 - Disable --> <set name="maxOfflineDay" val="3" /> <!-- Maximum offline days a player can be to get reward if offlineReward is enabled. 0 - Disable Offline reward --> <set name="maxRewardPerIP" val="0" /> <!-- Maximum reward per IP. 0 - Disable --> <set name="rewardTransferType" val="WAREHOUSE" /> <!-- The way reward is transfer to player: INVENTORY, MAIL, WAREHOUSE. Offline players if enabled receive only in warehouse. --> <set name="mailMessage" val="Daily Reward" /> <!-- The message displayed in mail. --> </settings> <holder schedule="20:00"> <set name="premium" val="true" /> <items> <item id="6393" count="50" /> </items> </holder> <holder schedule="SAT 18:00, SUN 21:00"> <items> <item id="6393" count="5" /> </items> </holder> * Tournament with lobby # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Tournament System # --------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Location of teams and observers # Ex. -87351, -252840, -3341 TournamentBlueLocation = -87351, -252840, -3341 TournamentRedLocation = -88811, -252843, -3331 TournamentObserverLocation = -88075, -252835, -3331 # Winner Team reward list. # Ex. 57,100;6393,10 TournamentReward = 57,100;6393,10 # Duration of battle. Value in second TournamentDuration = 60 # Min level to participate - 0 to disable # Default: 76 TournamentMinLevel = 76 # Restricted Classes. # Ex. 7, 36 # Default: 0 TournamentRestrictedClassId = 0 # Allow Potion use while in battle # Default: True TournamentAllowPotion = True # Allow observers to see the match # Default: True TournamentAllowObserver = True # Allow same IP to participate in tournament - 0 to disable # Default: 0 TournamentMaxPlayerPerIP = 0 # Allow resurrection of players # Default: True TournamentAllowResurrection = True If you're interested contact me on discord: L2-Evanthe#0891
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    trusted, experienced, funny, tell him your idea and for sure you will get what you order in no time, also with his ideas,thats why you should order his services, he has good imaginary, also cheap.
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    your dat editor missing about auto use structure, thasts make green arrow circle missing here is example
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    I bought an updater and logo from Ave. and I received them with the targeted deadline. he is professional and patient man explaining everything to me. what I liked most from him was he is a quick responding and honest. thank you Ave.
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    Despite of him being a flamer he is kinda right. Also you are complaining about his reaction, but on the other hand you insult him aswell. If you want people to respect your opinion/ideas etc... stay calm, direct, formal and provide information to strenghten your argument. Now about your server's presentation: If I see this list, I already start moving my mouse to the "X" button... You try to be attractive for new players, I know... But you have to catch the viewer's eye first. This list is: The worst thing... You try to run a mid-rate server, but you are using settings that are commonly seen on highrates. What is your plan? Do you want to solo play? How long do you want your server to survive? How do you keep players on your server? There is so much stuff that could be potentially usefull, if you get it right, but actually it is causing a degeneration of your server. I mean... There is so much wrong! How long would you play on a server like this? I mean.... Just go on a topsite and pick one of 4234534252 servers which is like yours and try to play there. Use a stopwatch and note the point of time you realized "tHiS sErVEr sUcKS". I would play like .... maybe half an hour or so. After that I would close the game and delete the client. If you really want to have this project more than 10 real people active on launch day, then you have to change your advertising method: I hope you can see why some people have everybody has negative thoughts regarding your project and its presentation.
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    hello their, i am selling my autoreward codes 11 top vote sites ( l2topzone/l2hopzone/l2network/mmotop.eu/l2topservers/l2topgameservers/l2top.co/l2jbrasil/l2votes.com/itopz/mmotop.ru/ ) some pictures Price: 25E via Paypal add me skype: c1c0s
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    We are a little team dev passionate, and we want to make Lineage 2 decent for the community. Let us know what features and ideas you would like to implement. we will update the poll Thanks you
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    Build the server that YOU would like to play on. It's simple as that. People are not that special. If you enjoy playing it, there must be people that will do so too.
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    Just don't open aother crappy interlude server! No I'm not flaming acis xD It's just because the client is outdated! Use one of the new clients and downgrade them to your target chronicle. This way you do not need to pay people for custom weapons, maps, clientfixes bcs win10+ or whatever. Just take a newer client and customize it. The oldest client that actually could be used for this should be H5. For the new ones....depends on you which one you prefer, because of the interface changes.
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    Yeah I understand you 1000% about P2W/P2P, our goal is to see Lineage 2 Shining again. It's now more than 10 years we want to see a lineage 2 server like C4 time. About Interlude, what do you think about the latest client fufarion/classic but with interlude content ? About allowing 1 adresse IP, what do you think also? we want this to avoid trains. For finding party activity, we will make party matching and also advanced on the website to suggest activity between players.
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    one interlude server would be nice with mid rates hard core economy or smth like that every server that opens on 2020 is p2w or p2p idk owners are the worst now days they do not care for players but only for their own selves there was many good projects but after a while they got destroyed by bad decisions etc
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    We want players to have the most fun with Grand Bosses so we have decided to do some changes like : * Reduce Respawn Times * Increased rewards * Improved balance Enjoy !
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    Sometimes its buggy.... Took me 5 attempts.... But now it's +16
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    https://www.mediafire.com/file/duv1zz5japdvev1/SAINTSEIYA.rar/file report possible bugs credit model and textures: l2sacrifice.fr adapt for me to IL
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    Yes. It can monitor my running processes and i have no problem with it, but they dig really deep, since teamviewer lies dormant and unexecuted on my hard drive. And that's kinda illegal since scanning your drive has nothing to do with their game, service or anti cheat precautions.
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    Professional and trusted seller. I have bought a launcher from him in under 30 minutes. He is fast and reliable. He even helped me understanding the process of updating from one patch to another. Will definitely work with him in the future! Recommended 100% guys.
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    Free Skill Zariche Prison for Lineage 2! Check my profile, available for download!
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    FREE NPC + Logo + Effects for C4, Interlude, High Five, Gracia, check profile. Download.
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    Well what i can say, he is very professional. He really know what he is doing and is reliable. He help us choose and guide us in the setting process. Very reasonable price and high quality result. I definitely recommend. Also the product was delivered same day within an hour or so. What ask more? Worth it every penny. Thanks.
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    In this topic I am going to share all oldschool Login Screen Files, which can be used with the Interlude Client without having any problems at all. This way you can enjoy your favorite Login Screen of the past one more time! :) Note: Each pack contains one Login Screen, Selection Screen and Background Music. Window style won't change! To unpack, use WinRar or 7zip. To install, simply unpack all files into the root folder of your Lineage 2 Interlude copy. All files are password protected!* Note: This pack is for Interlude only! Using those Login Screens with clients above TCT 1.0 "The Kamael" may result in a display bug during character selection. You won't see your already existing characters anymore! Official Lineage 2 Chaotic Chronicle Login Screens: Harbingers of War Age of Splendor Rise of Darkness Scions of Destiny Oath of Blood Interlude Custom Lineage 2 Chaotic Chronicle Login Screens: C1 Login Enhanced C1 Login Enhanced+ High Five Character Selection Fix: *NOTE: Each repack is password protected and, for the moment, available for active users only! You need to contribute, share, help, create something related to L2 here on MXC! Leave me a message. I will send you the corresponding password, if you meet the conditions. You can share - for example - missing clients and systems. See this TOPIC for more information. You are not allowed to share passwords among other users! All passwords will eventually go public after the mentioned client collection is complete.
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    Hello, Guys today i would like to share you something unique i know many people was looking for free good H5 Community boards since on community there are few shared and old i will share you this unique L2Dorn Community Board includes it's not my work it's shared for mxc users - PSD + all scripts Server Side & Client Side If you need to change default logo to your - write me in skype Support_La2-Pro Previews Download: Link = DOWNLOAD to get the password of the archive Like my 1st post send me pm and reply in topic..
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    Hello, Cheaters today i will introduce you the Classic Retail Interface that i edited Especially for Server Owners/Admins & Contains some automated features by administrators requested version is still Clean for others Press the link Below to see all features! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cvGEtmlpn9SPoAo1eVbywZVwNZ3rDT8hlt4eYHByk-4/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kZ-Ww1_mcU3_lWzL4C8vy_VyCz9VmAochSYd4hqh0lA/edit (New Update 1.2) if you interested Contact me trought forum! Skype: Later will be added directly button! Price Trought PM!
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    Deleted all my shares a while ago but wanted to leave this one here because there are people selling this stupidly simple code. It's command based individual vote reward for Hopzone, Topzone and Network. Commands are .votehope, .votetop and .votenet. It is secured on both the account level and the IP level so it's as protected as it gets without adding HWID. It can be easily converted to a NPC based one. Code: https://gist.github.com/Elfocrash/a5ba37666dd9c4d3f9a9ec022301930c Link for gson 2.6.2 https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/google/code/gson/gson/2.6.2/gson-2.6.2.jar
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    Good Evening MxC Community, I would like to introduce you my latest update Interface remaked/reworked based on my own gameplay style. Why im showing you this? simply im open in any suggestions to improve it. Ill try to update as fast i can. My own FA version.:v4.7.11. dont bother to ask for it, i wont share it yet. Main Screenshot: Commands in game: ALT+Q Insta kick from game. ALT+Right click on party member switch up/down positions. Ctrl+ALT+Click to Delete Insta any Item. ALT+Z to Open/Close Auto Assist. Shift+Ctrl+Right click #1stMA. Shift+Ctrl+Left click #2ndMA. Shift+Ctrl+ H to enable Hold Target Shift+Ctrl+ I to enable Ignore Target Shift+Ctrl+Click on Buff to Copy as Saved buff (if you get cancel it shows you in seperate line as canceled) 5 shortcut bar: Hide shortcut Numbers On/Off Option: Invisible Shortcut On/Off Option: Auto Spam Buff/Nuke Skills Bar: Hide & On/Off Option: 3/6/9 Macro Bar: Show POV Skill Reuse Time: Noble/Hero Status Mark: Class Symbol & PvP/PK Counter: 20Lvl:Rogue 40Lvl:Hawkeye 76Lvl:Sagittarius Fully Custom Mini Map: Macro Pannel: Auto Toggle Macro Skills: Summoner Interface: Skills Enchant: Auto Augment System: Auto Enchant System: Auto Assist System & Colors on 1st and 2nd MA: Show HP Bar On Players & Mobs: Self & Party Buff Option System: Buff System: Lines: 1:Attack/Defense 2:Ressist 3:Songs 4:Dances 5:Chosen ones 16Pixel 20Pixel 24 Pixel Debuffs & Party Debuff in Separate Line + Timer: Shows Canceled Buff in Separate Line: Clan Pannel & Activity in Main Screen: Channel Command Pannel: Classic Effect System: Heal, Cp, Damage, Exp. Critical Dmg, Magic Crit Dmg. Custom Casting Skill Bar With Colors: Built-In Bot Pannel: Custom Class POV Icons: Auto Potions: Monument of Heroes: Store: Private Store: Exchange: Quest Pannel: Iventory: Status Panne: Symbol Drawing Panne: Interface Options Pannel: Red Screen when HP goes to low:
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    Version 1.0.0


    credits maybe viRUS costumes for your server :)


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    Hello Guys Sorry For Reshare i Search and i dont find For L2jfrozen Champion Aura Lest Start Sorry For My English Go config/fun/champion.properties Find This ChampionTitle = Champion And Down Paste This + +# Enable aura from champion mobs +# 0 - no aura / 1 - blue aura / 2 - red aura +# Default = 0 +ChampionEnableAura = 0 Now Open Eclipse and Go head-src/com/l2jfrozen/Config.java Find This public static String L2JMOD_CHAMP_TITLE; And Paste This + public static int L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA; Find This L2JMOD_CHAMP_TITLE = ChampionSettings.getProperty("ChampionTitle", "Champion"); And Paste This + L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA = Integer.parseInt(ChampionSettings.getProperty("ChampionEnableAura", "0")); + if (L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA != 0 && L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA != 1 && L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA != 2) L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA = 0; Now Go head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/network/serverpackets/NpcInfo.java Find This And Delete - writeC(0x00); // C3 team circle 1-blue, 2-red and Replace This + if (Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE) + { + writeC(_activeChar.isChampion() ? Config.L2JMOD_CHAMPION_ENABLE_AURA : 0); + } + else + { + writeC(0); + } ok its ready build Sorry For My English
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