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    Hello, Guys today i gonna share you my interface which got stolen from some of brazilian guys the reason i share it is they trying to sell it to other people and they ofcrouse saying to people that dont have idea that this interface and features made by them as we all know people diying for money so i would like to share the current version with the community members all features will be listed below i hope you will like it enjoy it Features: Costumized Mini map From Higher Chronicles Creator Neophron Costumized Skill bars up to 5 Auto Skills Spam Auto Buffs Auto Use Potions Elixir/CP/MP Auto Use Potions Magic Pot/Haste Pot/Attack Pot Casting Skill Bar Critical Damage / Ressisted on Screen Hold Target / Ignore Agression Buff sizes x24 to x16 Debuff + time Custom HP/CP/MP Status Bar copied from Author Savo Custom Macro system auto spaming Macros with right click if u press on it Customized Darkdelux HP/CP/MP Bar Preview: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant and much more this is the oldest version of the interface TIP: dont get scammed by these two people T3ddy / DM Moshpit those brazilian people was trying to sell the interface for a huge amount of money but mostly people got informed already Credits: Neophron Elfen Darkdelux Savo Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    yaw, Guys im back Again and this time i bring you V Interface with full Functions because many people have big mouth and talking a lot i would prove them that i can do anything i like since they prove me wrong so lets start some pictures Infos: Every feature working perfect without any problems lets see who gonna get mad after this good luck using it guys hf Features: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant Auto Macros Usage Fast Items Deletion trought Inventory Auto Farm = Bot Debuffs & Timer Olympiad Damage Calculator and much more what are you waiting for? Try it now! [Hidden Content] Information: d3c.dll file was a bypass to work on protected servers since it's not working anymore just delete it and good to go few antiviruses may dedect it as a virus u can avoid it and just delete that file Cheers
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    Sorry Xeonc, The Ai Compiler for H5 and GD is already shared by @eressea. Thanks to her for this amazing job.
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    By "shared", I meant "zipped shared". We were speaking about L2eola zip share on MxC. I already even told you WHY and HOW it currently protect people : - Guarantee of file tracking (virus, etc) - Guarantee of revision tracking (to eventually answer if fixes have been deploye dor if it has to be adressed) - In that topic, I already spoke about L2Pride share, and how it basically broke that concept, since any noob could open a server based on a share. My rules are the same since 2012 and freemium concept introduction. I already backed 2 custom, public aCis forks in the past. Elfocrash (L2JVelvet ?) was one of them, and unfortunately both died very fast. Sido would probably be happy to host your forums, and link both projects. Finally, both @Sido and @SweeTs got no rights over aCis management - they're here since the beginning, and if they got something to say I can listen, but that stops here. None of them actively coded for the project, they supported it in other maneers. Hell, even @Rootware and Hasha, got no rights. I'm a dictator !
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    Hi @xFranky, You need someone like @Tryskell (or himself) to have a good understanding of the project and not to rush on committing 2 lines suggested by a random guy. Everything has to be organized in order to success. If you don't control the changes/commits, the project will end up like any other L2J fork from 2009 when everyone was having one. You really need to think it thru when doing a commit what is it fixing what else may that affect how can you improve it how can you make sure you're following a coding style and testing it in every possible way Adding customs is definitely easier. But how will this project of yours save the community? Server owners can pay several (if not one) developers to code whatever he/she wants. Perhaps it will only help the community if server owners would be more open minded and cooperative. I'm reading every single new reply on aCis forums weekly. I'm not opening a server, but I'm very attached to the project. I'm occasionally helping people (so called "L2 buddies") with their servers, for free. If I were you, I'd make a separated project, self-styled "engine" with listeners, like we/I used to be working on aCis, thanks to Seth that opened my eyes many years ago. If you do this, you'll have one file for each feature/custom. I will c/p one example below for you. You and your developers that wanna join you will be more satisfied with this. Maybe you can join an existing community, such as aCis with your engine -separated categories on the forum. Try to talk to @Tryskell, @Sido and @SweeTs about it. # True or false. OlympiadSkillsSystem = False # Skill level set to 0 will auto select max skill level. # [classId: = skillId-skillLv]; OlympiadSkills = [101:92: = 7100-1]; public class OlympiadSkills implements EventListener { private static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(OlympiadSkills.class.getName()); protected static final HashMap<Integer, L2Skill[]> olympiadSkills = new HashMap<>(); public OlympiadSkills() { CorvusConfig config = Corax.config(); String data = config.getProperty("OlympiadSkills", ""); String[] dataHash = data.split(";"); for (String data2 : dataHash) { String[] skillIds = data2.split("=")[1].split(","); L2Skill[] leIds = new L2Skill[skillIds.length]; SkillTable table = SkillTable.getInstance(); for (int i = 0; i < skillIds.length; i++) { String[] defs = skillIds[i].split("-"); String skillIdValue = defs[0].replaceAll("[^\\p{L}\\p{N}]", ""); String skillLevelValue = defs[1].replaceAll("[^\\p{L}\\p{N}]", ""); int skillId = Integer.parseInt(skillIdValue); int level = Integer.parseInt(skillLevelValue); boolean max = level <= 0; L2Skill skill = table.getInfo(skillId, max ? table.getMaxLevel(skillId) : level); if (skill != null) leIds[i] = skill; else LOG.warning(getClass().getSimpleName() + ": Failed loading skill: " + skillId + " level: " + (max ? table.getMaxLevel(skillId) : level) + ". Skill dose not exist!"); } String[] dataHash2 = data2.split("=")[0].split(":"); for (int i = 0; i < dataHash2.length; i++) { String classIdValue = dataHash2[i].replaceAll("[^\\p{L}\\p{N}]", ""); int classId = -1; if (classIdValue.isEmpty()) continue; try { classId = Integer.parseInt(classIdValue); olympiadSkills.put(classId, leIds); } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } } } LOG.info(getClass().getSimpleName() + ": Loaded " + olympiadSkills.size() + " balance entry(s)."); } @Override public void listen(Event event, Object... params) { switch (event.eventId) { case EventKeys.Olympiad.portPlayerToArena: { Player player = (Player) params[0]; L2Skill[] skills = olympiadSkills.get(player.getClassId().getId()); if (skills != null) { for (L2Skill skill : skills) player.addSkill(skill, false); } else LOG.warning(getClass().getSimpleName() + ": Missing skill for classId: " + player.getClassId().getId()); break; } case EventKeys.Olympiad.portPlayerBack: case EventKeys.Cleanup: { Player player = (Player) params[0]; L2Skill[] skills = olympiadSkills.get(player.getClassId().getId()); if (skills != null) { for (L2Skill skill : skills) player.removeSkill(skill.getId(), true); } break; } } } }
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    Well that’s not quite the same. An event listener system is just a notification system. Events are meant to be acted upon but they can’t change the behaviour o the method calling them. For example you can have an onPvpKill() event listener but the event can only do something within its context. It cannot stop the calling method from going forward. (sure you can code it in but then if you have two listeners on the same event for different customs and one needs the method to complete its execution to work properly then what do you do? Event Listeners are great for adding behaviour but not for altering existing behaviour which is where the approach would fail. When it comes to code and performance there is an insane amount of room for improvement, but I don’t think it worths anyone’s time. The acis (and l2j) code, project organisation and tooling it terrible in today’s standards (or even 2012’s for that matter). That’s where someone can differentiate themselves from acis.
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    Today I was asked if there is a tool for quickly viewing the PSK + PSA combination. Yes there is. Here it is Skeletal Mesh Editor by Gildor. Skeletal Mesh Editor were made as a tool for importing and tuning ActorX meshes and animations for one game project. It's creation is relative to the umodel*. *Umodel link here. Copyrights: SKELEDIT ( Skeletal Mesh Editor ) © Konstantin Nosov (Gildor), 2007-2012 Skeletal Mesh Editor: download
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    Dear, Users since many people requested for this version trought pms i wanna just share it here it's been a long time i was getting to many pms so here you are now.. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Full interface description: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ktmz9kueQOTmlhUElNVS1DN1U/view Update 2.1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MBKWtJSGiIoJl5zjfEf_OltTRzmeZ0tg/view Promo- video: https://bymerc.xyz/deadz DEADZ OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Reply to see the Download Links replies like Ty,Wow,good,cool will be deleted and you will be warned without any warning.
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    Hey guys i will re-share my npc's since my previous topic got locked. In this topic you will find : No.1 A freya npc pack with Gm Shop, Gatekeeper, Top PvP-Pk, Augmenter, Informer, Pk killer, Warehouse manager No.2 A H5 npc pack with Gm Shop, Gatekeeper, Top PvP-Pk, Augmenter, Warehouse manager No.3 A Buffer for Freya and H5 chronicle No.4 A Noblesse Manager for Freya chronicle No.5 A Color Manager for Freya chronicle No.6 A H5 npc pack with Color manager, Noblesse manager Ps. There are 2 posible passwords for rar files. Password No.1 is "NeverMore" . Password No.2 is "MaxCheaters" No.1 This is a pack which include Gm Shop, Gatekeeper, Top PvP-Pk, Augmenter, Informer, Pk killer and Warehouse manager. It will work proper for Freya chronicle. You can download it from here You can check some images of the npc's here No.2 This is a pack which include Gm Shop, Gatekeeper, Top PvP-Pk, Augmenter and Warehouse manager. It will work proper for H5 chronicle. You can download it from here You can check some images of the npc's here No.3 This is a Buffer for l2j servers. It will work proper for H5 and Freya chronicle. You can download it from here You can check some images of the npc here No.4 This is a Noblesse Manager for l2j servers. It will work proper for Freya chronicle. You can download it from here You can check some images of the npc here No.5 This is a Color Manager for l2j servers. It will work proper for Freya chronicle. You can download it from here You can check some images of the npc here No.6 This is a pack which include Color manager and Noblesse manager. It will work proper for H5 chronicle. You can download it from here You can check some images of the npc's here Well all this npc's are made by NeverMore (me). Report me any bug or problem. Have fun using them. THE END
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    Game Setup Server Time, Site and Forum - GMT +2Windows 10 compatible - YesAnti-Bot System (Gameguard) Geodata and Pathnodes - YesSub-Class Quest - Yes(Kill the 4 Raidbosses, the quest starts with Toruk(giran)) Nobles Quest - YesOffline mode Shop - YesSeven Signs Have been Opened since start of the server.Gmshop up to grade B and consumables.Npc Buffer with all the important Buffs.Auto Learn Skills - YesMana Potions: 1000 MP restoration with 10 seconds cooldownAutomatic potions system(.menu)Sale of materials recipes by adenaManual loot for Raid bosses and Epic bosses - Yes/noAll Giants Codex, Enchant Scrolls & Life Stones are stackableChampions System(5% to chance to spawn) - YesWedding System - YesHeavy and Light armor penaltyClass balanced(Server not Archer and Mage only) Shift+Click on the monster shows you its droplist & chances 100% retail Geodata with flawless pathnodes Rates Experience (EXP)- x10 Skill Points (SP)- x10Adena- x5Drop- x6 Seal Stones- x5 Quest Drop- x5 Quest Reward- x6Spoil- x6Weight Limit- x7Manor- x5Raid Boss Drop- x2 Enchants Safe Enchant - 3Max Enchant - 16Normal Scroll chance(retail) - 55%Blessed Scroll chance(retail)- 65% Buff/info/Time Duration of Buffs, Dances and Songs - 1 hourResistance Duration 45 minutes, Pets - 40 minutesBuffs Slots - 22+4(Divine Inspiration)Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Server commands .menu(Exp on/off-Premium-Repair Char) .boss(Raidboss Status).gk(Global Gatekeeper).bank(Goldbar exchange).marketer(Sell or buy items).tvtjoin(Join TVT) Premium System 30% + Exp30% + Adena30% + Spoilrate30% + Drop30% + Sealstone drop Epic Raids Each epic Raid has its original level, the zones are restricted according to the level, Queen Ant, Orfen and zaken for example. After 2 days of starting the server, that is, after 24 hours has elapsed the respawn of the Epic Raids will begin: Queen Ant(LvL 40) 36 hours (+/- 30 min random) Max Level 48! Orfen(LvL 50) 36 hours (+/- 30 min random) Max Level 57! Core(LvL 50) 36 hours (+/- 30 min random) Max Level 57! Zaken(LvL 60) 48 hours (+/- 30 min random) Max Level 68! Baium(LvL 75) 120 hours (+/- 60 min random) Frintezza(LvL 85) 48 hours (+/- 60 min random) Antharas(LvL 85) 192 hours (+/- 60 min random) Valakas(LvL 85) 264 hours (+/- 60 min random) Subclass/Nobles Raidbosses Death Lord Cabrio respawn: 12 hours +- 30 min random Kernon respawn: 12 hours +- 30 min random Death Lord Hallate respawn: 12 hours +- 30 min random Longhorn Golkonda respawn: 12 hours +- 30 min random Flame Of Splendor Barakiel respawn: 12 hours +- 30 min random Alliance Raidbosses: Alliance with Ketra respawn time: 24 hour(retail) Alliance with Varka respawn time: 24 hour(retail) Quest Raidbosses Soul of Fire Nastron(5% drop chance Recipe:100% weapon S grade)Sailren(50% drop chance coins)Soul of Water Ashutar(5% drop chance Recipe:100% weapon S grade)Daimon The White-Eyed(50% drop chance coins) Staff Eurolatin (GM)Eurolatin (GM)Darkside (GM)Anti-Bot
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    The real classic L2 Experience L2 Reborn is a project of Lineage II Interlude 1x. No P2W, no DUALBOXES, no free exp/items events, no BOTS, no cheaters, just people playing Lineage the old and hard way. Running since 31st of October, over 300+ online players, active community and GMs. - Multi language - Multiple proxies for a lag-free experience Give it a go if would you like to play L2 the old school way, and travel back in time 15 years ago! Let's make L2 great again! :) https://l2reborn.com/
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    Tittle fixed. Make sure next time u Read our Rules before posting!
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    Hello, there i had many pms about sharing something totally clean by Owners/Players so i decided share Interface Clean w/o any modifications like Auto Augment Enchant etc.. Previews: ACP Damage On Screen Miss/Ressisted etc. Heal/CP Display.. EXP Download: [Hidden Content] if you have Download Problems Reply so i can update my Links Credits: OpalSnow for the Damage on Screen Job Enjoy!
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    @xFranky You can use L2jFrozen 1.5, we have kind of engine letting you integrate customs without modifying too much the main project (L2jFrozen 1.5). You can create a script to download the last commit made in my SVN repository every 5 minutes and upload to your repository at the same time. So you can become a L2jFrozen 1.5 mirror with your work or work from others. I only ask you to put in your README.md the link of the real repository in SourceForge.
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    Pointless to add check for not null, because condition throw up TRUE after first null check if object null. This will always throw up NullException for Fake Players. receiver.getClient().isDetached() The reason - client is null. if (receiver == null || (receiver.getClient() != null && receiver.getClient().isDetached() && !(receiver instanceof FakePlayer))) Something like this.
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    Site : https://l2mutiny.com/ Forum : https://forum.l2mutiny.com/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/L2Mutiny/ OPEN BETA TEST DATE: December 18 2019 SERVER START DATE: January 31 2020 20:00 GMT +2 Greetings players, Welcome to the second season of our big project! With the reservation that we can’t list or reveal every single thing right here and right now, we advise you reading carefully our specs. First and foremost, let us tell you how we differ from other servers: - Unique, state of the art Anti-Bot protection - Complete Website Rework - Forum Improvements - New PvP Currency - Enemy's Heart - New Custom Farm/PvP Area (GOE) - Brand New Community Board System - PvP Streak System - LiveStream Mass/Personal Rewards - Voting Mass/Personal Rewards - Unique Ranking System - Unique DressMe models - Achievement System - Olympiad improvements - Brand New, Unique Accessories We offer balance! Donation unfriendly environment for people to abuse and ruin the game. Most of donation is for visuals. Read Below basics for L2Mutiny Project: General RATES: Exp/Sp : x15 Adena : x10 Drop: x10 Spoil:x10 Quest Reward:x3 Epic RB Jewel Drop: x1 Save Enchant: +4 Max Enchant: +16 Normal Enchant: 56% Bless Encahnt: 60% Max Enchant: 50% Max Enchant: 30% Manor: x2 Basic Features : Global Gatekeeper GM Shop up to S Auction House Control Pannel .cfg Donation Store with limited available options. Ranking System in Community Board Items, Monsters & Raid Bosses Database with many functions Automatic potions clicker system, Shift+Click Offline Buffstores Offline Shops 2h duration on all buffs, dances, songs, summon, prophecies Buff slots: 24(+4 Divine Inspiration) Dance/Song slots: 12 Skills are auto learn Automatic loot for monsters Manual loot for raid bosses & epic bosses 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession change for Adena on Class Master NPC Mana Potions: 1000 MP Restoration with 8 seconds cooldown. Champion Monsters (2% to chance to spawn) OPEN BETA TEST DATE: December 18 2019 SERVER START DATE: January 31 2020 Site : https://l2mutiny.com/ Forum : https://forum.l2mutiny.com/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/L2Mutiny/
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    Next time make sure you read our rules before posting! Tittle Fixed.
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    Bad tongues say you can't answer properly on fb. Nowdays, if you are above 15yo, those are very cheap to cover. Sup @Trance ! Web related, if you need my help, let me know :)
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    Hi. I am developing the server side for lineage 2 chronicle 1 harbingers of war on node.js Link to the source: https://github.com/lineage2js I do it for myself as a hobby. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9p3qHTdkn7lQ9GlS62TUQ/videos?view_as=subscriber How to start: 1) You need to install node.js LTS https://nodejs.org/en/ (it is needed to run scripts on which the server is written) 2) From the root of the folder you need to run the terminal (cmd) and run the npm install -i command 3) Settings - data / config.json (nothing needs to be configured; everything should work with the standard settings) 4) Launch. serverStart.bat Standard login: a, password: a The client can be downloaded here: https://l2c1x1.com/public/ What is done: loginserver - 99%; gameserver - ~ 10% - 15% Walk, write in chat, attack, animation skills, put on gear / weapons and further on the little things. Bots for test purposes only. All they do is stand :)
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    HF AI Source https://mega.nz/#!rWJy2QpI!rUaf4_A5RkxVN3YHQKEFMmBjl7hupw1J9WBt9vHOadY
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    Hello guys, nothing special, just a guy ask me for that and maybe more peoples looking for it. You select enchant aura for all weapons on character selection. Diff Created on aCis 378: Index: config/server.properties =================================================================== --- config/server.properties (revision 9) +++ config/server.properties (working copy) @@ -59,6 +59,10 @@ # Clients related options # ================================================================ +# Visual Enchant for weapons on character selection +# Disable : 0 +VisualEnchant = 16 + # Allow delete chars after D days, 0 = feature disabled. DeleteCharAfterDays = 7 Index: java/net/sf/l2j/Config.java =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/Config.java (revision 9) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/Config.java (working copy) @@ -497,6 +497,7 @@ public static boolean SERVER_GMONLY; /** clients related */ + public static int VISUAL_ENCHANT; public static int DELETE_DAYS; public static int MAXIMUM_ONLINE_USERS; @@ -1210,6 +1211,7 @@ SERVER_LIST_TESTSERVER = server.getProperty("TestServer", false); SERVER_LIST_PVPSERVER = server.getProperty("PvpServer", true); + VISUAL_ENCHANT = server.getProperty("VisualEnchant", 0); DELETE_DAYS = server.getProperty("DeleteCharAfterDays", 7); MAXIMUM_ONLINE_USERS = server.getProperty("MaximumOnlineUsers", 100); Index: java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/serverpackets/CharSelectInfo.java =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/serverpackets/CharSelectInfo.java (revision 9) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/network/serverpackets/CharSelectInfo.java (working copy) @@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; +import net.sf.l2j.Config; import net.sf.l2j.L2DatabaseFactory; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.data.sql.ClanTable; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.model.CharSelectSlot; @@ -149,7 +150,7 @@ writeD((slot.getAccessLevel() > -1) ? ((slot.getDeleteTimer() > 0) ? (int) ((slot.getDeleteTimer() - System.currentTimeMillis()) / 1000) : 0) : -1); writeD(slot.getClassId()); writeD((i == _activeId) ? 0x01 : 0x00); - writeC(Math.min(127, slot.getEnchantEffect())); + writeC(Config.VISUAL_ENCHANT > 0 ? Config.VISUAL_ENCHANT : Math.min(127, slot.getEnchantEffect())); writeD(slot.getAugmentationId()); } getClient().setCharSelectSlot(_slots);
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    WTS Queen Ant's Ring +4 $100 WTS Zaken's Earring $60 WTS Draconic Bow Focus SA +11 - $ 45 WTS Tateossian jewels +10-11 $40 WTS Gold - 45.000 $40 for all Paypal, prices are final.
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    Hello strangers, today i decided to share with you for free my custom community board for interlude with custom frame that i was selling in marketplace before. This version including editing Tools, PSD for edit Community Board texture [ BoardWnd.board_back2 ], a simple custom interface with damage on screen, xml boardwnd if you are using your own interface you have to compile your interface with my boardwnd you will find inside Editing Textures folder all tools that you need. + boardwnd.xml Location [ Editing Textures\xdat\target\xml\window ]. PREVIEW HOW TO ADD YOUR SERVER INFORMATION TO L2UI_CH3 TEXTURE 1) Open " PSD " Folder open " BoardWnd.board_back2.psd ". 2) Add your own LOGO and server information. 3) Save it as BoardWnd.board_back2.DDS file type and then DXT3. 4) Open L2tool that you will find inside Folder "Editing Textures". 5) Import to [ utx ] '" L2UI_CH3.utx " that you will find inside client folder Client/Systextures. 6) Import to [ img ] BoardWnd.board_back2.DDS. 7) And then Press [ set ] DOWNLOAD LINKS: MediaFire | 4Shared For get the password you have to send me a private message.
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    try http://www.mediafire.com/file/c82kvx9f8vani9q/L2Walker_OOG_10.8.6.rar/file
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    I'm offering L2J services, you can contact with me if you want something you have in mind or ask me anything. I'm working only for Interlude (Java, Database, HTML, Client). Here its one list with ready add-ons for Interlude and prices: - API VoteManager : Preview (Price : 30€) Note : Personal Vote Manager for : (L2Topzone, L2Hopzone, L2Network, L2Top.co, MMOTop.eu, L2.TopGameServer.net & L2TopServers.com) - Augment System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : You can add any augment skill on any level. - Skill Enchant System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : Codex Mastery : On failed keep the enchant value | Codex Donate 100% success. - Champion Level System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : Each time you kill an champion monster it will level up on next spawn. On the final level you can setup to spawn any Raidboss (or random from list). - Timed Farming Zone : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : Setup monster of your farming zone to spawn on spesific time's of the day for your duration time of your wish. - ClanHall Contract System : Preview (Price : 30€) Note : If you are owner of a clanhall you can trade it with other players for anything. - Achievement System : Preview (Price : 35€) Note : Current list have 52 different achievements with unlimited stage each Flexible to add your own achievement. Contact: Skype : StinkyMadness11 Discord : StinkyMadness#6783 MaxCheaters : Private Message Payment Methods: Paypal, Skrill
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    Professional and trustworthy, and that's what you're looking for when making a purchase. Highly recommended.
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    Hello Community..! We come to provide our services and sale items and gold 24/7 in L2Warland & L2CW We have for now in stock: ONLY THIS WEEK Gold in stock - 10.000 GOLD = 10€ - SET IC +10 - SET DC +10 - SET DC +13/11/11/11 - DB+10 FOC - AS+10 HAST - SET DRACO+6 - Duals +13 - AM+13 acu - Zaken Earring+10 - AM+10 ACU - AM+12 ACU - Set DC+10 with skin - AM+11 acu - Set TT+6 Items in STOCK in L2CW.org - AM+14 ac - Set TT+7 - Epics (Valakas+7 / Baium+7 / and all epics) - Set DC+7 If need any items just mensage and sell Pack Fighter & Pack Mage Too ONLY IN STOCK.. For contact send mensage or skype: GroupL2VE We are 24/7 ONLINE
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    Dear, Cheaters today i would love to share with you a detailed interface i've fixed a lot of bugs and changed a lot of things since me & Iordanov are 6 years Friends he told me share it clean w/o bugs the reason we do this is because a Brazilian person T3ddy & Moshpit selling on black market the current version but they are kinda stupid since interface not work on 80% of servers with smartguard people pming me to fix their thing but since they bought it from other hands i no offer any support to them lets start Note: we are not responsible if interface not works on some protected servers you want bypass? buy it and we can disccus about it. Some Screens.. Shows in different Row Domi/WC/Ressists/simple buffs Shows Debuffs in Seperate Row Options: Party Classes / & New Party Icons Auto Assist 1st Ma 2nd Ma Classic Mini Map: KeyBinds: Invite/Dismiss/Changepartyleader/trade Shows Enemy casted skills Skill Gauge Debuffs & Timer Olympiad Damage Calculator Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    Hello guys , i found yesterday this template in my pc and i decided to share for people who want to build they're website . Hope will be useful! https://mega.nz/#!bzYkyYDL!NVXjIapcl-DiWQXnsckpmlqZRU_bqHqhy5zWISRdUdA
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    Players can choose main + first subclass for free. Only 2nd/3rd sub are for Adena, and the reason for that is we believe people should stick to subclasses they like, and not change subclass based on activities they are about to do or based on current server meta.
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    You should start and eventually people will join you
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    I, and L2 world in general, got no point opening a public custom version of aCis, except sitting my dominion over Interlude chronicle, once and for all, leaving (almost) no other space for other packs in this chronicle. Do we really want the same custom server spreads everywhere ? I believe than no. Simply see how that L2Pride share harmed the concept of L2Pride ; any idiot could simply open one server out of nothing. And I believe CONCEPTS should be kept original, and the sole property of "real" developers (aka, people who used their time to make the thing possible). Not from a leecher, who simply downloaded something at best, or stole it at worst. My position towards customs generated a whole ecosystem which wouldn't eventually exist. L2JFrozen's death actually harmed me, it was what I call "my anti-noob firewall". That project shielded me for a very long time of retards, people who aren't able to read a topic, leechers, and whatever else bad people you (I, at least) don't want involved into development. While I agree everyone should access to some decent BASE files (and that's what I aim with aCis, giving anyone the chance to open a decent server), I believe UNIQUE CONCEPTS should be kept secret. And overall, it's more challenging trying to reproduce something than to invent something out of nothing.
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    well it's a ddos protection website which uses cloudflare to protect itself so i think that should be a good indicator of the quality of their service, if they don't protect their own site themselves.
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    once again i will mention this man as i have always done when i see messages from many people here accusing him I would like a reply from the forum administrator MAX... why do you let such a person in here . has been mentioned many times here in this forum about theft and for hard vegetation. while we all know if anyone else was in his place or he wouldn't have eaten a ban.. I expect a clear answer from the manager
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    FULL SET of DRAGON WEAPONS. Any Chronicles Full Set of Antharas Weapons 1,2,3,4 Level Full Set of Valakas Weapons 1,2,3,4 Level Full Set of Lindvior Weapons 1,2,3,4 Level Full Set of Fafurion Weapons 1,2,3,4 Level Full Set of Zariche Weapons 1,2,3,4 Level Full Set of Akamanah Weapons 1,2,3,4 Level
  40. 1 point
    View File Costumes for MXC credits maybe viRUS costumes for your server :) Submitter MarGaZeaS Submitted 06/15/2018 Category Equipments  
  41. 1 point
    Lineage II valiance epeisodion download - https://clck.ru/LjEgt $Revision 580 $ LANG: NA\EU $ L2exe + Engine.dll + Core.dll unpacked themida clean 100% [ unpacked - AlisaCodeDragon ] [ NOGG off game guard ][ off FROST MODULE ][ patched ] Protection Crushers Reverse Engineering witch's hammer Team Exploring Dark Side of the Web
  42. 1 point
    Saga GMs/admin cant never ever talk about tales projects. Why? Kostas a.k.a saga admin bought files of l2tales which I was using back in the days and anyone could buy them from guy named Ady.( The guy who got files from mouse when he was in l2tales team). Dude, you started your project on vampir files, asking me if they are legit to buy from Ady. Wtf??? You should never cut feeding hand as your project is based on it. If anyone reading this thinking wtf are you talking about - search l2tales files for sell(saga started from them and grew). Same for Mythras source for here (it's based on same shared source as l2saga). - you can all download files and start same as Saga started. Later on they bought same donation system as in tales(based on L2CCCP) and tried to have 1:1 features as tales(again, i can give nickname of kostas in mxc and you will find his post of buying 1:1 donate panel from tales). Why i'm defending tales? Vampir gave fucking huge inovation for h5 or any lineage project(Saga and Alex(mouse)/sorin projects are always trying to get those features). Tales featutres are used by russian projects as well (i'm talking about open-team a.k.a. top russian sources behind private ones and pain-team and / L2scripts trying to copy that and sell as vip sources loooooool). Tales is all about new ideas, which all projects can take ideas from. Overall. I'm saying that @vampir you fucking did a great thing. Your ideas are amazing, lul. For some people it seems impossible to re-create (but just wait for my share with all your project features - marker system, new bypasses system, queue system, tutorial system and interface new functions - gk with map and players around areas, any colors admin desires in messages chats, custom events bars and etc.) - and yes, they are all based also on interlude sources (except l2off ai scraps) - so i have h5/c6. Synerge was never good developer(idk how you hired him, i guess mouse relation) he always decompiled your work and made it working for Sorin(although he worked with you he always takes your compiled work and decompiles for sorin). No features are unique. I have your sources (might be a bit outdated, but i always add all your features, so I will have around the same as you will start now, except gve - as it is shit and i don't event want to put hands on it as I hate GvE concept.). Same with Sorin h5 sources - i have them. So wtf is this long post? Vampir is always working fucking as hard as he can - no, Elexir and interlude sources were not only vampir project - they are all based on Stalone, all donations leads to Stalone to url which Vampir coded (***l2pay.eu**** and payment accounts leads to stalone email vag***@hotmail.com) - yes, i know everything about tales 'clean' donations. But vampir now only cares about interlude, so tales will start +/- on the same features). About Brazon, idk what Stalone thinks as he 'invested in cryptos', drives ferrari and now makes songs, but one thing clear - all Alex team will scam you. +/- Brazon will fuck you in some meaning and just remember this post. You(Stalone) - always invest huge money amount and fail - (white loot box? - might have think'd something alternative as it failed redmoon - online went from 7** to 1** in two days, which wouldn't have appeared if you though about better donation system). Wtf? Why now to have Brazon? Mouse will pay extra to get everything from you and Brazon will give everything he can to him from you. I would just recommend, stick to your golden boys: Vampir(your fucking one and only developer), Strain(responsible for your all webs), your Brother(Paris???) and those others (one which makes trailers for you (I guess a.k.a Golden in forums lol) and others who does some of the jobs). Stay away with correlation with Alex team (wtf are you thinking about taking brazon?? dude if you have money, take anyone from l2 community and pay them atleast 3eu per day - they will be fucking glad to work for your and won't give any info for Alex). So to be clear - Saga fuck off - your all base is on Tales sources, Sorin team - lets wait what you can scrap off and find ways how to fuck Vercetti(and continue 2020 your projects with new features and same concept - wipe/launch new project/launch-......), and for me - I will wait for live project to finish all vampir features, lol. For other people - it will be the same, as i mostly talk from dev side - you will all leave projects within 1month, despite what you talking here (best project i ever played - bla bla bla) - some decisions from this team will cause destruction. We all know tyga won't be involved at it's money waste(If i would need to pay 10k to Tyga - i would invest 10k euros in popular russians streamers and take all donations(because russians gathers huge amount of viewers, so it would be 10000% better to gather players from l2 community than through 'rapper Tyga' which would bring~100 players to connect and 0 donations as they don't know the game and they are not interested to donate - anyone with a bit better mind would know this) through QIWI/Moneybookers from russians players.
  43. 1 point
  44. 1 point
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point
    Just wait, I will share it for FREE this exactly pack with all those features of those guys are telling you. I will send a PM with the link.
  47. 1 point
    Hi everyone, thanks to Sauron, I was able to decompile and manually fix the whole Gracia Final AI. All sources can be compiled with MyExt64 compiler and the output seems completely right :) If you find any bug/error, please let me know. Download here http://download.l2shrine.com/ai.tar.bz2
  48. 1 point
    Very fast fast fast .trusted & skilled
  49. 1 point
    my friend bought from him few codes and i can say he is totally trusted and very fast on his services vouch for him good luck BruT
  50. -1 points
    These efforts are long gone, i would call it guessing or made up random, everything will work just so "feature" can be listed in server specs to lure new wallets.

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