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  1. Moved to the proper section. Make a little research before you post if you want to get help, you wouldn't get any help where you posted it before.
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  2. Trusted and skilled speed guy! Thanks stinky!
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  3. I'm sorry, the books I do not have them, I have the rest. Apparently my backup was made before He added the books.
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  4. Trusted and very helpfull guy! I recommend him
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  5. As from time to time I see people searching for time limited items and/or questions about how to modify the shadow items system, I decided to code one. There is nothing modified from vanilla code, everything is custom. Q: So, how does it work? A: All you have to do is to add a new XML line to your item. The time value is in minutes. <set name="time" val="1" /> Q: When the time-task is triggered? A: The task is triggered on item acquisition. Q: Is it limited to weapon/armor type items? A: No. You can add it to ANY item, whether if
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  6. use OVHs edge firewall and own rule set with default drop all, extend L2 client to calculate some math challange before login request is attempted, send result together with some hwid/ip to aws/gcp instance which will verify it and query OVHs firewall api to allow login. Mystery of application layer "100% DDos Protection" solved.
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  7. Hello Their, I am Selling My Private AutoVoteReward System Include 13 Top Vote Sites •L2Topzone •L2Hopzone •L2Network •L2TopServers •L2TopGameServers •L2Topco •L2jBrasil •L2Votescom •MMOTOPRU •itopz •L2Serverscom •L2jtopcom •L2Topgr PRICE: 30EUR (ONLY PAYPAL) SKYPE: c1c0s
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