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  1. Dear, Cheaters today i would love to share with you a detailed interface i've fixed a lot of bugs and changed a lot of things since me & Iordanov are 6 years Friends he told me share it clean w/o bugs the reason we do this is because a Brazilian person T3ddy & Moshpit selling on black market the current version but they are kinda stupid since interface not work on 80% of servers with smartguard people pming me to fix their thing but since they bought it from other hands i no offer any support to them lets start Note: we are not responsible if interface not works on som
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  2. I have created a code to reward for voting on several well-known sites. If someone has difficulty adding this code to their package, they can write to me at my discord https://discord.com/invite/VbnZbWR I will adapt this code for l2jfrozen and l2jserver or for some popular open source package. You can see the code in the following link: aCis: https://pastebin.com/1Wq6GZPs L2JServer H5: https://pastebin.com/KVyPAZ0X L2JFrozen 1.5 Interlude https://pastebin.com/GaAyMMT2 L2JMobius Classic Interlude https://pastebin.com/rJcPsbD4 L2JMobius
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  3. Hello From time to time I like to pick one of the things that are being sold but are really easy to code and I like to code them real quick and share them. Today's share is L2Warland's server-side Autofarm feature. How it works You set a few skills on the 10th shortcut skill bar Each section represents a skill type Skill usage is prioritised (Feel free to change the order to whatever works for you) Chance Low life Self skills Attacks You can toggle it or turn it on and of with
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  4. WTS ADENA (sold over 6bil atm) pm for price It change everyday Items tt set +3 Draconic set +6666 Tallum Heavy set +3 Draco Bow Focus basalt hammer clean Chars sws79 bd 79 cat 79 nobl (with good subs) se 74 EPICS AQ ZAKEN for more details discord ser#1476 or send msg here farmed w/o bot pm for prices you can check ppl i have done trade the last years in my signature you send euro, i send adena if u dont trust me dont pm me (paypal only)
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  5. here http://www.mediafire.com/file/7lw4a28nc36ncbk/Mordor_weapon_interlude.rar/file
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  6. That for Complete this source : 1. Mods Files + RPS : Here 2. Forum Files using SMF Community alt + b : Here 3. Pages Files Community Board for Complete the Action : Here 4. And more you can PM me for it if you want using this source for Live Server and this gameserverjar : Here Woalaaa no missing html / event / etc for this source ..
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