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  1. Sell Adena L-Coin 800 boxes Dragon Essence Top Armor A (Majestic, Nightmare also Dark Crystal) Top B Weapon (Soes, Damascus, peril) Top A Jewels (Maje) Hats +/+stat Send me a msg and we can deal :)
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  2. Hello, Guys today i gonna share you my interface which got stolen from some of brazilian guys the reason i share it is they trying to sell it to other people and they ofcrouse saying to people that dont have idea that this interface and features made by them as we all know people diying for money so i would like to share the current version with the community members all features will be listed below i hope you will like it enjoy it Features: Costumized Mini map From Higher Chronicles Creator Neophron Costumized Skill bars up to 5
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  3. another game inside lineage 2, good luck with your project, make your dreams come true
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  4. L2 Warland x12 Stock: If you want to buy pay first then you get Items or we do Middleman. WTS DRACO SET+10+DYNASTY SKIN - 45€ WTS DB+f+12+skull skin worth 30k - 50€ WTS DC ROBE SET+12+12+13+10 - 35€ WTS AM+10 - 15€ WTS DUALS S+10 - 20€ WTS TT neck+11/earring +9 and +10/ TT ring+8 - 30€ WTS AQ+8 - 60€ Gold pack 10k - 5,00€ Discord = Liderman525#2867
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