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  1. Hello as you are reading this topic i am sure you are looking for someone to help you grow up your server. Someone that offer good services and good prices. I am here to present to everyone what i offer! Contact me: Skype: omerioligert@gmail.com Facebook: Gerti Cami Facebook Advertisement services. a): Owner of Lineage 2 Facebook groups with over 3k+ Members and pretty much active. b): Facebook sponsored advertise included in our services. c): Beside our groups w
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  2. It's a little more complicated than that. There are lessons learned from every adventure. Here's a brief run down for everyone to understand how the world of botting works from the perspective of a team that's been together for over 5 years. Feel free to read or skip it, it's up to you: SEASON 1 SEASON 2 SEASON 3 LESSONS LEARNED: CONCLUSION: Our team is currently working on finding a balance. We will be taking our projects in a different direction away from hard or soft antibots with strict penalties. INERA wil
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  3. I dont see any of your servers be alive at least 4 months alive , maybe servers of your (team) 9v9 i dont see anywhere 9v9 i see 3 sides fight for 1 boss or tw or castle siege. I dont see anywhere server h5 that starts from zero and grow up. Also many servers promises that long term and i see 1 week closed. So thats why we are here, for a long term server Peace only!!
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