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  1. Good Evening MxC Community, I would like to introduce you my latest update Interface remaked/reworked based on my own gameplay style. Why im showing you this? simply im open in any suggestions to improve it. Ill try to update as fast i can. My own FA version.:v4.7.11. dont bother to ask for it, i wont share it yet. Main Screenshot: Commands in game: ALT+Q Insta kick from game. ALT+Right click on party member switch up/down positions. Ctrl+ALT+Click to Delete Insta any Item. ALT+Z to Open/Close Auto Assist. Shift+Ctrl+Right clic
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  2. just something i'm testing when i have some free time - future updates ill post them here ! only for lineage ii freya high five client make a backup of the original map first 16_15.unr @ snow effect @ 181224002001001001008001.zip if you use dev mode i made the character spawn in a micro zone so i could see only tree particles for tests ! so if they don't show up just move the camera and character a bit ! using 48128 particles in full effects or pv mode the particles will spawn all in like 15 seconds ! //move_to -112547 -823
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  3. most of these are straight copied from GOD+ interface, admins could finally add support for classic client for their gavno interlude servers :D
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  4. Clock, Theory, Mr Peacock όλα τα γυρνούσα BibleThump
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  5. Joined:07/30/2008 MxC με ΠΑΣΟΚ
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