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  1. STRONGLY RECOMMEND, ASK ABOUT BOT WORKABILITY ON SPECIFIC SERVER BEFORE PURCHASE OF THE KEY. (LIST OF SERVERS AND CONDITIONS FOR THEM, CAN BE CHANGED, FOR CLARIFICATION OF INFORMATION, ALWAYS WRITE DIRECTLY IN SKYPE, DISCORD OR ICQ BEFORE PURCHASE OF THE KEY.) WWW.L2SOFT.EU ADRENALINE BOT SCRIPTS Adrenaline Bot License A | L2Soft.eu | 20 $ Adrenaline Bot License B | L2Soft.eu | 7 $ Adrenaline Bot License C | L2Soft.eu | 20 $ Adrenaline Bot License D | L2Soft.eu | 10 $ Adrenaline Bot License E | L2Soft.eu | 7 $ Adrenaline Bot Discord fAkeN#1337 Bylinski4skype @ifAkeN
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  2. I give to your attention a free Raid Boss with effect. Written originally for the Interlude Chronicle. Use to whom you need to) For all questions, please contact Skype: iPerfect_Dev https://cloud.mail.ru/public/G7bu/4Toc3v3yS
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  3. Recommend! This Freya pack is unreal! All buggs fixed in 24 h . Have a nice support from developer! A+++++++
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