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  1. Symbols Buffs Over The Head: The experimental set of 15 (so far) symbols: Frenzy / Guts / Zealot / Ultimate Evasion / Celestial Shield / Angelic Icon / Touch of Life / Ultimate Defence / Mystic Immunity / Vengeance / Force Barrier / Sonic Barrier / Servitor Empowerment / Dodge / Counter Attack Hang over the character's head as much as there is a buff. Around each scale-timer. Folding symbols - on the floors. At your request, added display Overlord`s debuff range: Exclusive Icon: Overlord Skills Hot Springs Effe
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  2. If something is missing report it. Last update: 28/10/2018 This list isn't finished yet. ====================================================== [ Codes ] Code Epic Boss Manager [acis] [ 'Baggos' ] Code Ingame Balancer (Acis 372) [ Zacapa ] Code l2jaCis craft enchant [ melron ] Code L2jaCis Plagueseeker Raid [ melron ] Code Mini Dance Global event [ Kara` ] Code Item change Class aCis 374 [ l2jkain ]
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  3. Custom Interface for Interlude containing custom features & functions. Some of the features: Farm Bot AI: Relax and enjoy farming. Select mobs to hunt and skills to use (or bot will use auto attack). [Update] You can now use as many mobs as u want. [Update] You can now us also macro as skill. Aggro-Like Skills Protection: Say goodbye to aggression. Aggro-like skills will become useless against you. Trick-Like Skills Protection: Say goodbye to trick. T
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  4. I'm looking for any character lvl 70+ that can be transferable to Dagger Class. Which class group 2~3 in l2classic. club server. Please reply or message me here.
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  5. Hi Guys, Spent 15min to create such tool, maybe you will find it usefull aswell, i got bored of constant /loc the zones ingame. Tried to find a territory tool, but some had viruses, some where broken, so excel its easy. SIDERAD: Radius Around you HEIGHTRAD: Radius from you, example 100 UP 100 DOWN + 20 For NPC = 320 or -320 (basically what it does, it creates a virtual Cube around your current position, i find it usefull with errors like: NPC is outside) Also for people who understand it: This Cube Works INWARDS not OUTWARDS (@Eressea gave me a tip 7-8 weeks ago) https://drive.google
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  6. 0 answer to my questions this is who you are a 0. Thanks for that answer I needed to prove myself again,,,, FTW JOIN ALL !!!!!!
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