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  1. Hello members, Since this section is rly dead and i always like to share things here is another one.. How is this working? First of all you have to create your personal l2 page in facebook. After that search in facebook settings to change the url-name of your page to www.facebook.com/L2Tests and not www.facebook.com/HAW#$A#@ Create your personal Access Token here It will be generated as short-lived token (means that it will expire in about an hour). change it to long-lived here (means that it will expire after 2 months ,maybe more) Download faceb
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  2. Hello everyone, To clarify everyone, here's a sum of how Warpgate was and is at the moment. Every Interlude Server Warpgate had since 2012 till 2015 lasted for at least 1 year minimum. Their end was due to People leaving, no more stuff to do, everyone was full and we couldn't magnet newcombers. It felt Bored as usual it has always been for every Server. Therefore decided into working in something new, something different: Classic version. Even before anyone knew about it back at 2015, started digging, reviewing, checking everything i could. I had the tools to do it... Until fin
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