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Opening January 16 at 19:00 (UTC +2)
Open Beta Test from January 10


Hello everyone!
Since some time a lot of people, Clans, PTs ask us to open the Winter server, with a global lockdown and a pandemic, this is the best time to play. That is why we decided to deviate from our rules a little and open the new season a little earlier, in January!
For our part, we will make every effort to make the quarantine not so sad for you and at least with us you can get positive emotions.

We would like to announce date, time, features, and what new you will find.

Our servers are the longest-lived among of all free servers with a similar setup - Interlude Craft-PvP. Each time we are trying to bring something new, and more interesting, and keep spirit of Nanna-style server at the same time with classic Interlude rules and mechanics.

Full server description you can find in this topic (also will be available from game in ALT+B):
Full server Description Interlude x50 (Merged server) - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude

On the suggestions from players, we are making some global changes on this server:

  • Will be clan limit, 80 players max
  • Respawn Epic Time will be from 21:00 till 03:00 (UTC+1). We are sure this is the optimal time for most of our players from America and Europe.

*Server get random time from 21:00 till 03:00.

Spoiler: Example with Epic Respawn:

We will be glad to hear any comments and suggestions on the forum and on our discord channel
- Join discord

Few words about our current Interlude server:
We wont close any of our servers, so if you play on current server(merged), don't worry - no wipes, no closings! We still have good online, so you continue to enjoy your game. We are still planning to update the server regularly like it was during last year, it will be done in the same time with new server.

And in the future NEW server will be merged with MAIN server.

Some great movies from our players:

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Posted (edited)

Dear friends!
We are introducing a Loyalty Program for streamers who shows the in-game world situation.

As a L2Dex streamer you will get the gifts listed below every week:

  • 2832
     Certificate for 7 days (Premium Account)
  • 2833
     Modern Buff Book 7 days
  • 3204-a2085b26e79ae4f5d480707ec64a1210.jpg
     x20 Medal of Glory (2000 Fame points)

Conditions for streamers:

  1. Your stream must contain Lineage2Dex.com in its title and L2Dex banner or logo in its window.
  2. All the streamed materials have to be saved!
  3. 15 hours of transmission per week grants a gift


Spoiler: Banners and logos

In order to get the gift-code for streamers you will have to message NOTHING on Discord with a link to your streaming channel and ask for reward.
Gift given each Monday. For first Monday you need to stream at least 10h.

This code you can activate in web panel here:


You can activate it for any character or gift it to your friend.

Also, streamers can request a special role in Discord. You can add your channel on your Discord account and othe people on our Discord will see when u start transmission, it can helps you with viewers.


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Posted (edited)

Dear friends!
January 15 we start Event for Olympiad games on Open Beta server

Start Olympiad games in 19:00 (UTC +2)
Fights will be till 23:40, then we get Heroes
All who get Hero status, will receive on web balance - 100 ToDs, that you can spend on life server after grand opening
There will be no enchanting or gear restrictions, so you have time to prepare you character
No class vs class fights

We turn on this Event for TESTs, so if you will participate, you agree with this simple rules.
Good luck to Everyone!

how to install client : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/14063/

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Dear friends!
As the last server showed, there was a problem with high damage for both archers and mages. In this connection, it was decided to lower it. First of all, this concerns the power of critical attacks of magic skills. We returned the x3 value as it was on the April server. To reduce the damage of archers, a number of measures were taken, such as: adding a clan skill for resistance to critical damage, weakening the bonuses of Life Stones, increasing the P.Def of belts and simplifying the obtaining of shirts. It will also be more difficult to get two rings for critical damage on the new server than it was on the old one. All this in a complex should help solve the problems that we had at the previous opening. The skills of bards have also been slightly strengthened, perhaps this will make them more popular. Below is the complete changelog.

Please pay attention to this topic. Make the necessary tests on Beta and get ready for the start of the new Winter Season!

As always, you can leave your wishes and ideas in our discord in the #suggestion section.


Character Skills:

  • Magic Critical Power - changed from x4 to x3.
  • Seed of Fire - improved effectiveness from 10% to 20%.
  • Seed of Water - improved effectiveness from 10% to 20%.
  • Seed of Wind - improved effectiveness from 10% to 20%.
  • Arcane Roar - improved enchant branch for M.Atk
  • Necromancy - Added effectiveness of unholy magic +10%. Changed enchant tree Power. Each level of enchant gives +1% unholy effectiveness
  • Spirit Barrier - Improved enchant branch for M.Def (Cost)
  • Force Burst - Changed zone from "fan" to "circle". (Same as on Duelist)
  • Demonic Blade Dance - Damage significantly increased. Added enchant tree for Power
  • Psycho Symphony - Damage significantly increased. Added enchant tree for Power
  • Sword Symphony - Damage significantly increased. Added enchant tree for Power
  • Poison Blade Dance - Damage significantly increased
  • Song of Silence - decreased skill reuse time
  • Seal of Blockade - removed from the game
  • Eye of Pa'agrio - changed to interlude mechanic
  • Aggression - can be learned by Blade Dancer and Sword Singer to max level


Life Stone Skills:

  • Mana Burn - Reuse delay increased from 5 to 15 sec
  • Duel Might (Active) - decreased power from 10% to 5%
  • Might (Active) - decreased power from 10% to 5%
  • Empower (Active) - decreased power from 10% to 5%
  • Duel Might (Passive) - decreased power from 15% to 10%
  • Might (Passive) - decreased power from 15% to 10%
  • Empower (Passive) - decreased power from 15% to 10%
  • Shield (Passive) - decreased power from 15% to 10%
  • Magic Barrier (Passive) - decreased power from 15% to 10%

Clan Skills:

  • Clan Protection - Increases resistance to Critical Damage from attacks by 5%/10% (can be learned on clan level 5 and 7)
  • Fire Squad - decreased bonus to P.Atk from 6% to 3%
  • Water Squad - removed bonus to M.Def. Added bonus to P.Def
  • Wind Squad - improved bonus Speed
  • Earth Squad - improved bonus M.Def. Added resistance to magic 6% (chance that magic skill will be "failed" and deal half damage)
  • Dark Squad - decreased bonus to M.Atk. Added bonus to Magic Critical Damage 3%
  • Clan Cyclonic Resistance - improved bonus from 5% to 10%
  • Clan Magmatic Resistance - improved bonus from 5% to 10%
  • Residence Skills:
  • Residence Death Whisper - reduced bonus from 10% to 5%
  • Residence Empower - reduced bonus from 6% to 4%
  • Residence Faith - reduced bonus from 20% to 10%
  • Residence Might - reduced bonus from 6% to 4%

Other Changes:

  • Reduced the chance of drop lvl 80 books on Primeval Island
  • Tyrannosaurus drop was slightly reworked. Also, they became weaker, but deal more damage
  • Reworked drop at Rim Kamaloka
  • Reworked drop at Labyrinth of Abyss
  • Added Olympiad warrior accessories to Pathfinder's Shop. You can buy it for Heart of Abyss x15 (can be obtained in Labyrinth of Abyss)
  • Increased the number of Olympiad Tokens you receive when win the match. Also adjusted prices for some items in Olympiad shop
  • Olympiad Warrior Accessories are no more available in Fame shop
  • The reward for the daily quest Successful Raid has been improved
  • Apella Sets has been improved
  • Reduced chance that auctioneers at Giran Harbor will sell temporary epic jewelry
  • Decreased price for exchange Giant's Codex to Giant's Codex Mastery at Black Marketeer of Mammon shop
  • Added an option to exchange regular enchant scrolls for blessed at Black Marketeer of Mammon shop

Item Changes:

  • Loyalty Belt upgrade price became two times cheaper
  • P.Def of Loyalty Belts was increased
  • Prices on T-Shirts in Fortress shop were decreased
  • SA "Empower" now grants +8% M.Atk
  • SA "Magic Attack" now grants +12% M.Atk and +15% MP Consumption

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We remind you that the opening will take place today, on January 16 at 19:00 (UTC +2)

Check current time


Countdown Clock

On 18:00 (UTC +2) We allow you to login for create character!

We have the option to RESERVE Nick Name before start. Check web panel - services.



Dear friends, this topic important! So please take time to read it. 

First we want to thank all players who took part in the Open Beta testing. Thanks to all who conducted tests with us and prepared this game world!

You are amazing! image.gif.b1420fe03f65f4f19c405e73a372e3d1.gif


On 18:00 (UTC +2) We allow you to login for create character! To restrict your name and buy starter pack from DexStore (and move it on this created character before opening).

Make it before start! On start, we can have problems with WEB!


If you want, you can reserve you nickname on Web panel - Services.



Everything you need to start on the server:

It is IMPORTANT to prepare everything for starting the game RIGHT NOW, do not postpone for later, during the opening there may be problems with the web part of the project, and you simply can not register.


- Register an account


Download links:

- Game Client - Torrent

- download from ftp (google disc)


Download archive (~6gb) unzip it, and 1 time run launcher to update files


If you already have our game client (play on our previous server) just download new updater put it on l2 folder. Run it and make full check

- Download Updater


- Detailed info how setup and prepare game client


- Server Full description

- Starter packs (Today till 19:00 last day with 15% extra TODs for each order)




What you need to know at the start:

  • Registration for 7 seals from Monday, January 18, cycle 1 week

Epic Raid Bosses:

At the start all DEAD!

  • Queen Ant (80 lvl): 24hour +/-30 min
  • Core (80 lvl): 36hour +/-30 min
  • Orfen (80 lvl): 36hour +/-30 min
  • Zaken (80 lvl): 48hour +/-30 min
  • Baium (80 lvl): 120hour +(0-2hour)
  • Antharas (80 lvl): 192hour +(0-2hour)
  • Valakas (85 lvl): 264hour
  • Frintezza (85 lvl): 48hour +/-30 min


For example:

The first QA will be on January 17 from 18:30 to 19:30 (UTC +2). Also you always can check info when RB respawn in ALT+B in game (Raid tab)


All others RB alive on server start (including Sub and Nobl RB)



About possible attacks on server start.

We have prepared as good as we can. We will control the start of the server together with you all.


Want to ask you, in the case of a problem, don't panic, panic is the worst possible thing that could be, even worse than any attack. We have enough specialists to solve any problems, all that will need from you is patience and trust.



Wish you all a smooth start and months of enjoyable play in new server Interlude x50!

Have a fun!


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  • Trance changed the title to [L2J] Lineage2DEX


➡️ Added Mammons in Giran Harbour. From today, they always be there
➡️ Added SA 11-12 lvl and A gr in NPC Astarte for ToDs
➡️ From now dmg from Ally u can get also in PvP zones 
➡️ Blocked custom interfaces from tomorrow. And from tomorrow they official forbidden!

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Leprechauns have lost their Lucky Pots around the world, great wealth is hidden in them!

Unfortunately these Pots are affected by a magic seal of Leprechauns, not many creatures know the secret how to unseal.
Fortunately Satyr Skirtos spent a lot of time in the Leprechaun's Company, and staled the secret. For a small fee, he is ready to open the Pot for you.
Hunt monsters from 20.02 till 02.03 and find 


 Lucky Pots!
Skirtos will come to Giran Town and Giran Harbor on February 20 and will be there till March 04


For some fee (5 ToDs or 10kk adena, for player choice) he will open Pots for you.

Spoiler: From Pots you can get one of these items:

We make a similar event on our previous server. It favorably affects the economy. Helping withdraw Adena and ToDs from game server.
Players who don't like such games, anyway can get profit from it. Hunt mobs and sell Lucky Pots to other players who will try their luck. Pots are tradable.

Good luck with hunting!

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