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LF Russian PTS x50 server is looking for clans

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Hello. I am a Russian administrator of Interlude servers. Recently, we switched to the PTS platform. We are determined to seriously change the audience of players, which plays for 2-7 days, to a promising and long-playing audience.


I don't know English very well - it doesn't do me credit, but I will develop in terms of the level of English.

At the moment, on December 4, we are opening the good old server Interlude.ru, x50 PTS.
We need players interested in long-term play. In turn, the best representatives have already been selected among the Russian community and the war will be very hot.


Important features: 
Exp/Sp: x50 | Adena: x15 | SealStone: х10 | Drop: х20 | Spoil: х10 | RB exp/sp: x10 | RB drop: x5 | Epic: x1 | Quest: х1 (reward. changed rate to popular quests)

Item "Mana Potion" - recovers 1000 MP, rollback 10 seconds

Buffs last 120 minutes.

The maximum number of slots is 28 (24 + 4).


 The first and second professions are bought for adena.
1 profession - 5.00014.png Adena
2 profession - 50.00014.png Adena

 The way to get the third class:

Price - 50.000.00014.pngAdena

Quest Item - Halisha's Mark 15.png x700

Location - Shrine of Loyalty

Monsters to hunt - Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knight, Shrine Guard.

Drop - Halisha's Mark [x1 - x3]

Halisha's Marks are transferable and tradeable.


Opening Sub Class:

 Fast passage:

Adena: 100.000.00014.png
Quest Item: Reira's Soul Orb*16.jpg
Monsters to hunt: Shilens Messenger Cabrio
Location : The Cemetery

*To get the quest item - Reira's Soul Orb, you do not need to hit / finish off the Shilens Messenger Cabrio. You need to talk to the chest that will appear after the death of RB. Required level 75+


Seven Signs:

First week:

Seal Stones farming period: from Monday 18:00 (December 7) (GMT + 3) to Thursday 18:00 (December 10)

(GMT + 3).

Mammon (exchange) period: from Friday (December 11) 12:00 (GMT + 3) to Monday (December 14) 17:00 (GMT + 3).

From the second week:

Seal Stones farming period: 24/7

Period of Mammon (exchange): 24/7, NPCs stand in Giran

Teleport to Necropolis and Catacombs is available in Global GK.

For farming mobs - registration is not required.

During the Exchange period, mobs with stones disappear.



My contacts for communication - skype (rossening)


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