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I'm trying to open the Unx ut2 L2UI_CH3, however when trying to do it I get this error, can someone help me?


Texture L2UI_CH3.RefineEffect.refinegrade3_49: Serial size mismatch: Got 58, Expected 87570

History: LoadObject <- (Texture L2UI_CH3.RefineEffect.refinegrade3_49 28141==28141/41073528 28083 87570) <- ULinkerLoad::Preload <- PreLoadObjects <- UObject::EndLoad <- UObject::LoadPackage <- UEditorEngine::SafeExec <- (LOAD FILE="C:\UnrealEngine2Runtime\Textures\L2UI_CH3.utx") <- UEditorEngine::SafeExec <- (OBJ LOAD FILE="C:\UnrealEngine2Runtime\Textures\L2UI_CH3.utx") <- UEditorEngine::Exec <- (OBJ LOAD FILE="C:\UnrealEngine2Runtime\Textures\L2UI_CH3.utx") <- UUnrealEdEngine::Exec <- WBrowserTexture::OnCommand <- WWindow::WndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- WBrowserMaster::OnCommand <- WWindow::WndProc <- WWindow::StaticProc <- MessagePump <- MainLoop

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