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Bellion is a highly customized server, which offers a long-term game progression, without affecting the game's balance nor newcomers' or any player's experience. Nearly 100% of the game's skills have been reworked, including their in-game descriptions, as well as nearly 2000 new own-made skills that have been added with the purpose that all classes are viables and enjoyable by everyone.

Nearly the totality of the items of our server (general equipment, misc, etc...) are either brand new or re-made ones to fit the game's purposes.

We are well aware about people's negative experiences playing other servers, and so, we put extreme dedication upon balancing both classes and equipment. 



Server Features:

A Customized Crafting System

A New Refinement System

Brand new classes

A Customized Enchant System

A New Skill Improvement System

New Farming Systems in general, including custom MOB AIs

A New Olympiad System

A New Siege System

New Quests

A New Clan-Like feature called 'Patrols'

– We've added so much content that it's not possible for us to put it all in here, so if you want to know some specific thing about the server, you can directly ask for more info through our Discord server-



- About our project:

Despite your thoughs on our work and about this post, WE ARE NOT USING ANY FORKED PROYECT. This has been nearly 7 years of constant work, with the sole purpose of giving those like YOU, something really worth playing. We have made mostly every piece of code, and classes taken from L2JServer have their credits properly given, we take it serious, we work on it very serious as well, and we will keep working as much as necessary to ensure this works as we expect it to do. 


We have heavily modified the game-client as well (yes, it’s illegal, we all know that), as we also merged unnecessary stuff to be handled by specialized classes that ensure there won’t be game-leaks (or at least there be as few as possible).



Down below, you will find an index in which we will try to explain what it is all about with detailed information about all new additions!


45YxWGn.png  O8a939J.png JOdTIzl.png


Classes are independent from your character, no matter what sex or race you have chosen, you can choose any class as base class. There’s a small example down below.




Every single class of the game have been modified or completely reworked to make them useful and worth playing as main classes, thus, there has been a lot of focus on classes’ balance to provide the best possible experience. (All of them can participate on Olympiads, you can take a look at the ‘Olympiad System’ section to see more info about it)


Tank Classes: Tanks are defensive classes that count with abilities to mitigate damage. Some of them have party-oriented abilities that provide high defensive effects, some others count with strong cloud-control effects, and some others additionally count with a summon to support them during combat.

Warrior Classes: Warriors are offensive melee classes mostly oriented to be attack-based. Strong AOE-offensive abilities are also a prime value, while additionally counting with plenty of tools to survive large battles.

Rogue Classes: Rogues are offensive skill-based classes with strong damage-kits. Their prime value lies within their capacity to produce sustained damage, mostly upon a single target while also counting with some AOE skills.

Assassin Classes: Assassins are skill-based classes oriented to produce high amounts of damage within short periods of time. Their lack of defensive capacities is compensated by their tools to evade and negate effects.

Ranger Classes: Rangers are long-range attackers. They are weak in close-range combats as they lack of high-impact surviving tools, yet it is compensated by their capacity to produce high damage when attacking at safe distances.

Magician Classes: Magicians, as their name says, are magic-skill based classes. As well as Rangers, they are capable of dealing high amounts of damage when attacking at long range. They are actually weaker than rangers, yet they have some special tools to survive close combats.

Summoner Classes: Summoners are classes specialized in the control of a Pet. Their kits are not oriented to be pet-dependent, yet, their prime attribute lies on these. Their capacity differs depending of the type of their pet, and their strength may be compared with a Rogue.

Enchanter Classes: Enchanters are mostly party-oriented classes that count with strong abilities to ensure survivability during long battles. Their prime attribute lies within their healing tools and their ability to suppress your enemies.


-New Classes:  

Wiccan (Enchanter): It uses control-type abilities, AOE abilities, Party buffs and totems that give special effects to clan/party/alliance members. It also has buffs that transfer its stats to its party members.

Soul Warden (Rogue): It is a ranged skill-spammer whose abilities do Physical-Damage, and its ability effects are situational. It also has a lot of movility.

Doppelganger (Summoner): It’s the only summoner whose summon doesn’t evolve. However, it has the ability to ‘summon’ copies of its enemies. Its ability kit is orientated to annoy the hell off of people.


We're currently working on some new classes, and we will be posting about them as soon as possible.


-Heavily modified classes:

Sword Muse: It is a melee-DD that uses either heavy or light armor, and any kind of sword as a weapon. It has some supportive Songs for itself and its party members, as well as the ability to hit more than a single target with basic attacks.

Spectral Dancer: It is a melee-DD that uses Light armor and dual swords. Each sword attacks individually, doing its own damage on its own target. It means that you can hit 2 targets. It also has some dances to aid its party members. It is a strong evasion-based class.

Hierophant: It can use ANY kind of armor, with Fists. It has unique buffs for fists (such as Spirit Totems), and its damage-type skills do Hybrid damage, which means that it does damage depending on both its P.Atk and M.Atk.

Dominator: It no longer has any party-healing skills except for ‘The Heart of Pa’agrio’, which maintains its properties. Its CP-Healing skills were reworked and are all oriented to party/clan members. Additionally, it has new skills, that stand out its ‘Mage’ properties.

Archmage/Mystic Muse/Storm Screamer: Their abilities have been reworked to stand out what they represent as Elemental Mages.

Shilien Saint: It is a mix between Enchanter and Mage classes, which means that it has both supportive and offensive skills. Its offensive skills escalate based on your Mana Pool, which, additionally have situational effects.

DoomCryer: It is a Melee-DD which uses Heavy armor with any kind of blunt, which is heavily oriented to give strong party buffs.

Judicator: It is a hybrid-like class between mage and fighter classes, which uses light armor and rapier. It has strong control-type abilities for unique objectives. It has some party buffs with big impact but with short duration.

Arcana Lord: It is a melee-DD which uses heavy armor with fists. It has hybrid-damage type skills, oriented to maintain sustained damage.

Elemental Master: It is a mage-like ranged DD that uses Robe armor and Doom Carrier, with magic and hybrid abilities.

Spectral Master: It is a melee-assassin-like DD which uses Light armor and Dual Blades or Dual Daggers. It is also a hybrid-damage skill based class.


Keep in mind that Summon’s stats depend on your class’s statistics, this includes modifiers such as your buffs and equipped items.



-Leveling System

For now, the maximum level is 90 (We will probably add more levels in a future, if we see it as necessary). You start at level 1, but you can quickly get to level 85. From level 85 to 90, leveling up will become harder, and you will get unique skills depending on your class as you level up to 90. Leveling up will also mean "something", as you will get access to some new features.




All of the classes have modified and new skills. Every single skill of the game has been reworked in such a way that every single one of them is 100% useful. We also deleted ALL the skills that we considered to be useless trash. This doesn’t imply that your class has lost important things, because in nearly all cases these skills have been replaced with new utilities.

Buffs: Each class has its own buff slot limit, which can be increased by using Divine Inspiration books, or with some rare equipment that also increases your maximum buff slots. Every buff that takes buff slots have it properly mentioned within its description. All kinds of buffs use the same buff slots (Dances/Songs/Normal buffs).

Debuffs/Offensive Effects: The maximum quantity of debuffs/offensive effects that you can have simultaneously is 5. (There are things that modificate this quantity, such as items that reduce the maximum debuff quantity). Debuffs are separated by categories, and every category has a protection that blocks that type of effects during some time.

Passives: Every passive skill of all classes have been reworked, and every class has their own armor/weapon passives (Equipment passives do not condition your class to a specific equipment, but they indicate which items work better for it.)

Toggles: The majority of toggle skills that used to proportionate statistics while being active are now passive skills. For example, Vicious Stance. Exceptions are those that condition your status, for example, Parry Stance or True Berserker. Others such as ‘Arcane Power’ that were also moved to passive skills will now provide their normal status without any kind of penalization.

Actives: Offensive skills that deal damage are now separated on three types:


-Character Stats

Right now, there are about 400+ individual statistics that can be obtained through Equipment/Skills/Etc. The majority of important statistics are properly described in a section of the community board (Take a look at the "Community Board" section for more info)

All the formulas of combat/damage have been redone. The ‘Character Stats’ panel now shows appropriately the statistics of your character in such a way that it is understandable even for a retarded potato. For example, statistics such as P. Atk. will now show the totality of Physical Damage that your class deals when attacking, and P. Def. represents the percentual quantity of physical damage that is reduced when you receive Physical Damage. (As a VERY ROUGH example, 1000 P. Atk. equals to 1000 damage, that is reduced by 35% if you have 3.500 P.Def.).

To see more information about special statistics, take a look at the Community Board section, or ingame.



45YxWGn.png  y43IYtd.png JOdTIzl.png

-Item Tiers

Items are separated between Quality 1(Lowest) and Quality 5(Higher), with the exception of Unqualified items. Between these Item Qualities, there are also Sub-Categories to define item rarity. These have different color names: White(Normals), Yellow(Unique), Grey(Rare) and  Black-Pink(Legendary).



-Crafting System

Crafting is the way you will acquire most of your equipment. It can be done through the Blacksmiths in Giran.

cWXLzl5.png dbYnwWG.png

-Set Items:

Armor Sets: There are three different types of combinations:

Normal Armor Set  / Combined Armor Set(works both ways) / Upgraded Armor Set


Lastly, there are rare armor sets that can be combined with any other set of the same type (Heavy/Light/Robe) and will give different stats depending on the items that they are combined with. These rare sets will also provide their own special stats if you wear all 5 parts of them together.

Jewel Sets: Certain types of jewels (specially the rare ones) will give special stats based on how you combine them. The majority of the combinations are hidden bonuses that could even give you unique abilities.

Paired Synergies: There are item combinations such as, for example, X weapon with X accessory that will give you special bonuses when you wear them together.



Accessories are key for classes’ customization, as they now give a lot of special attributes for your character, including special abilities, effects or unique stats that can only be found in accessories. Accessory display can be configured as you please, check Community Board section for more info.



 -Enchanting System

Enchanting will increase the effectiveness of your equipment, as most wearable items can be enhanced by enchanting them with an ‘Enchant Scroll’. All items will have their respective bonuses properly written on their descriptions, as well as they will say which stats will increase per enchant level. There are many kinds of enchanting scrolls with different chances and failure penalties, and all of them also have their proper description. dbYnwWG.png

 -Refinement System

The Refinement Process unlocks special statistics or additional “combat-effects”, every one of them are properly explained within the weapon’s description. As soon as you succeed on increasing the refine-level of a weapon, the provided bonuses will be permanently unlocked. The success rate when refining is 45%. The maximum refinement slots of an item depend on its rarity.

6xZWpit.png dbYnwWG.png

 -Augment System:

The game’s augmentation system, including ALL the possible combinations have been completely reworked, as well, a lot of new stats (such as Casting Speed, Attack Speed, Etc) have been added. This is a little example:

obC6ZW3.png dbYnwWG.png

 -Element System

There are Elemental Stones, Crystals and Jewels. These have their own respective chance, which is shown on their descriptions. Stones will always increase elements on armors by 6, and by 10 on weapons. The chance of successfully attaching an element to an item decreases as the elemental level increases. Defensive element addition is capped at level 4 (60), while offensive element addition is capped at level 7. The only items that allow offensive-elemental addition are weapons, while armor-type items allow up to 3 elements per piece. Adding elemental properties to an item, provides with special damage or defense bonuses: Flat+Percent damage bonuses for offensive-elements, and Percent ‘damage-reducing’ bonuses for defensive elements. There are also special statistics on items that are related to elements, all of them providing special effects. And finally, elemental damage or elemental defense can be also obtained through augmentations.

Every type of element gives additional statistics, depending if they're on defensive or offensive mode. As an example, Fire attack gives critical offensive stats, (crit rate/damage) and Fire resistance gives critical deffensive stats (crit. resistance). There is more information about it on our Community Board.


45YxWGn.png  ZYr2msH.png JOdTIzl.png

 -Monsters AI:

We have made dedicated Artificial Intelligence for every type of mob. Including Bosses, APCs and normal mobs, to provide a more entertaining experience.
 -Farming Zones:

Farming zones are currently separated in three different tiers, all counting with a siege-able Clan Hall that offers its owners with special advantages. Such Clan Halls may be acquired by either a Clan or a Patrol. Each farming zone counts with special environmental events, Rare Bosses and special NPCs that request players to confront challenges, participate in unique instances and Quests.

There are tons of strong Bosses and special monsters that appear over the farming zones, PvP towns, Instances and additionally during special events. Each of them representing a great challenge. Fighting against a Boss, in most cases, requires the strength of various players but they provide great rewards and additional stuff you may not acquire by any other way.

 -APCs: The "APC" term stands for "Alike Player Character" (For sure the most relevant discover ever made by the Scientific Community!). They just appear, farm, kill people and that kind of stuff. There isn't enough info about APCs yet, or maybe we just don't wanna give any info about them (▀̿Ĺ̯▀̿ ̿)


Most instanced zones require a specific ticket as payment for entering. These tickets can be bought at the Instance Manager in Giran by using ‘Demonic Souls’(These can be acquired through defeating Demonic Monsters, see ‘Demonic Monsters’ section for more info). Instances do not have time penalty, and can be entered in as many times as you want as long as you have the required tickets.

-Common Instances:

These are accessible through a NPC in Giran. All of them have different difficulty levels and requirements.

 -Special Instances:

There are some special Instances that can be joined in through certain NPCs that appear randomly in different situations, so you will need to put attention to any strange NPC that appears within farming zones or even inside common instances. Some others might appear during Fortress/Castle sieges or at certain Towns/Cities.
 - Demonic Monsters:

Demonic Monsters are mutated monsters that can appear in farming zones. Commonly, they may mutate in three different forms. These will have increased stats depending on which monster they mutated from, as well as increased rewards. They will also drop Demonic Souls, that can be used to buy Instance Tickets through the Instance Manager in Giran, and some of them can even drop unique items that may not be acquired by any other way.

45YxWGn.png  YVvxP3g.png JOdTIzl.png


While acquiring PvPs, you will also get rewards such as new PvP skills, different name/title colors, as well as PvP tokens, that you can use to buy special items. Name and Title colors can be managed through the Account Manage tab of the Community Board, where you can choose any color at any time as long as it is unlocked. (Look at the respective section for more info).

The ‘Rank’ is like a personal category that can unlock unique properties for your character. You can increase your rank by completing instances, winning PvPs, killing Bosses, killing APCs, completing Quests, and winning events. Your rank can be seen through the Char Information panel through the Community Board.


Agathions have been reworked. As soon as you equip an Agathion Bracelet, it will be automatically summoned, and will use their skills to help you in battle. They can be acquired with Rank Points and PvP Tokens.

 -Cursed Weapons:
Including Zariche and Akamanah, there are 5 new cursed weapons. Both new cursed weapons and the ones from the normal game have new skills and unique effects related with the weapon type. (FINALLY F***ING MAGES WILL BE ABLE TO KICK SOME ASS WITH THEM! (
 -Anti-Feed System:

We have made an anti-feed system so people can not abuse PvP scoring, Olympiads, Events and other PvP related stuff, to prevent players from "farming" PvP related rewards. There's no need to explain more about it, we'll make sure that it works properly, and we'll punish those who find a way to overcome this system. ()


45YxWGn.png   xVEpjdr.png JOdTIzl.png

-Olympiad System: Olympiads will occur weekly, in a 12 hours period each day. Each week, a total of 16 heroes will be selected depending on their Role (for example, 2 Tanks, 2 Assasins, 2 Enchanters, etc.). Selected heroes won’t depend on their class, but their role, meaning that there can be, for example, two Ghost Hunter heroes simultaneously, as they belong to the Assasins Role, or it may either be a Soul Hound and an Adventurer instead.

Requirements to participate: Base class, Level 87. When joining an Olympiad match, 20 fame points are taken as a payment, and given back if you come out victorious.

Restrictions: Items are capped at Quality 1.5. Max enchant on these items will be capped to +25. If your items are enchanted above 25, their stats will be automatically set to +25. You can only fight once against the same player on each period. You can’t wear accessories inside Olympiad games, being Afros the only exception. Some skills will be restricted inside Olympiad games, having it mentioned on their descriptions. Some other skills such as Clan/Castle/Fortress/Hero/Etc. will also be restricted. Consumable items will also be restricted.

Rewards: Heroes will appear on the Hall of Fame. The two players with the highest score of each Role will be rewarded with hero status for the next week, and will acquire an amount of Olympiad Tokens depending on the points they acquired during matches. Olympiad Heroes can acquire unique equipment with their fame & Olympiad Tokens. Depending the Role, the hero will be rewarded with two unique skills. Additionally, some reputation points will be given to each winner’s Clan or Patrol respectively. Heroes can cast Seal of Ruler 25% faster, and, additionally, they’ll be able to cast it even if they’re not Clan/Royal Guard leaders. Heroes gain 5% more Experience from mobs, pvps and quests, (if the player is already at max Level, the enchant success of skills will be increased instead). Hero chat will have 60 secs of cooldown (yes, global chats will have cooldown).


-Event System:

We have an own-made system that executes a random events in random periods of time, from whose you can get exciting rewards. Currently, there are 11 possible events, including new OWN-MADE ones. As well as our PvP System, Olympiad System and any other thing that has something to do with PvPs or PKs, it has an anti-feed system to prevent retards from doing retarded things.



Sieges will occur weekly, all Saturdays. Every week, three of the nine current castles will be sieged in a rotative way, leaving these three castles out of the siege pool  during two weeks. More info can be found in-game, inside the Community Board..




Leveling requirement for clans has been changed, it no longer has a ‘X number of people’ requirement for leveling up, instead, to level up after Level 5, a specific item will be required for each level, that can be acquired by completing clan quests, winning special events, or killing legendary bosses. Clan-skills acquisition is still the same, but these have been edited to fit game balance.



A ‘Patrol’ is a new feature, most likely a ‘mini-clan’. Its purpose is oriented to provide parties the possibility to conform a solid-organized group that will become able to afford special rewards, acquire the control of a Fortress, and promoting the PvP among each of the existing patrols. Patrols have both-way war automatically, by killing someone from other patrol, you will acquire a PvP point, and it will not count as a PK even if the target wasn’t in PvP mode, unless you have declared it as an Allied Patrol.


-Castles/Clan Hall/Fortress:

Clan Halls, Fortresses and Castles, all of them have unique buffs to provide their owners with increased statistics. Those who own these will be able to buy unique items  that can’t be acquired by any other way.



We’re preparing a Beta server, yet, we still don’t know when we’re going to open it. We’ll be posting info anytime soon. If you want to blame us, tell us to f*** off, tell us to get our asses on the server and keep hard-working like and enslaved-basement-monkey on the server, or anything else, please come to our Discord server!


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Updated Olympiads!

Updated Elements System!

- The chance of an item to successfully acquire elemental properties is properly shown at each stone's description. Defensive-type element increases by 6 per each successfully attached stone, while Damage-type element increases by 10.
- The chance of successfully attaching an element to an item decreases as the elemental-level increases, as well, Defensive-element addition is capped at Level 4(+60), while Offensive-element addition is capped at Level 7(+300).
- Adding Elemental properties to an item, provides with special damage or defense bonuses; Flat+Percent damage bonuses for offensive-elements, and Percent "damage-reducing" bonuses for defensive-elements. Elemental damage is calculated apart from any other damage source.


Edited by Bellion - Lineage 2

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

We've updated A LOT! of info about our project, some of it will be posted here. If you are curious about it, or want to get access to all the current information about our project, or ask us directly about it, please join our Discord server!
Here it goes!;
















There are plenty more events that are still a work in progress.

















Again, If you want to blame us, tell us to f*** off, tell us to get our asses on the server and keep hard-working like and enslaved basement-monkeys, or anything else, please come to our Discord server!

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We've spent nearly two weeks working on both Client Modding and Custom Mob AI, and i'm confident to say that we've made a lot of progress! If you're interested on our project, join our Discord server! Don't miss the opportunity to participate on our closed beta! it'll be announced anytime soon!

- Ported animations from Grand Crusade to High-Five -

- Some of our own custom interface elements! -




Another big post with lots of info about Mobs AI will be uploaded soon!

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  • 2 weeks later...

We've implemented our own client-sided Bestiary!

Join us on our Discord Server so you won't miss our newest features! We'll be posting info about monsters' AI soon!


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